Impiety: The Impious Crusade EP + Vengeance Hell Immemorial (Compilation)


Reviews by Jason Guest

Hells Headbangers

The Impious Crusade EP

Impiety is not a band to take a rest. A brief glance over their discography and since 2008, their their output has been a pretty consistent flow of EPs, albums – live and studio – and, since 2012, DVDs too. But after the incredible Ravage and Conquer arrived in April 2012, it’s been over a year since we’ve had any new material from these guys, until August 6th when this EP is released. A long wait, yes, but worth it. This blasphemous war horde is still on the rampage and they are showing no signs of losing momentum. After the ruthlessly aggressive intro ‘Prelude (Arrival Of The Assassins)’ very quickly gets the black blood flowing, the unfeasibly face-meltingly-fast ‘Commanding Death & Destroy’ brings the chaos. ‘Accelerate The Annihilation’ is just as merciless, as is the title track, and the cover of Sorcery’s ‘Lucifer’s Legions’ – an amazing track in itself – is stunning.

Impiety - The Impious Crusade EP

The band draw on all eras of their history and aspects from Kaos Kommand through to Ravage and Conquer can be heard across the EP. With the production showing some improvement over that of Ravage and Conquer, the ferocious riffs, the rampant leads, the merciless drumming, and the barbed vocals all being well-balanced in the mix, their more immediate feel enhances the acrimony that courses through the EP’s veins. As ruthless as they ever were and still on the ascent, their next album, if it’s anything like this, will be staggering.

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude (Arrival Of The Assassins)
  2. Commanding Death & Destroy
  3. Accelerate The Annihilation
  4. The Impious Crusade
  5. Lucifer’s Legions (Sorcery cover)


Vengeance Hell Immemorial (Compilation)

It’s been twenty years since Impiety’s first EP, 1993’s Salve the Goat…Iblis Exelsi and to commemorate the occasion, Hells Headbangers have put together a special gatefold vinyl edition that brings together fifteen tracks from Impiety’s past. While the 1993 EP remains as unapologetically blasphemous as it ever was, the tracks from the 1992 Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration demo wins hands down the ‘Shittest Sounding Black Metal Release Ever’ competition. Fuzzed to fuck, distorted beyond recognition, the “master tape” for this was no doubt a cheap C-60 chewed up and shat out by some rabid dog. It’s at times like this that we can think ourselves lucky that home-recording technology has improved and is available so cheaply (at least now we can hear how shit the bands are). Thankfully the sound for the material from the 2004 and 2008 splits is much improved, more so for the later split with Abhorrence than the split with Surrender of Divinity, and goes some way in making up for the appalling quality of the demo. If you’re desperate to catch up on what you’ve missed out on in Impiety’s twenty years and prepared to spend hours playing and replaying that early demo in an attempt to decipher any of it, then this is for you. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll live.

Impiety - Vengeance5 out of 10

Track Listing:

From the 1993 EP, Salve the Goat…Iblis Exelsi:

  1. Cuntblasphemy – Paganistic Bitchgoddess Deiimpalation
  2. Magick – Consecration Goatsodomy

From the 1992 demo, Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration:

  1. Intromancy: …Of Mass Acheronic Desolation
  2. Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration
  3. Pentagramathron
  4. Fallen Blasphemathory
  5. The Seventh Goatspawn
  6. Outroblation: Demonoccultic Rebirthment Of Mammon

From the 2004 split w/ Surrender of Divinity:

  1. Dragonoath Diabolous
  2. The Seventh Goatspawn
  3. Imperative Coronation
  4. Invincible Force (Destruction Cover)
  5. Blessed Are The Borachos (Outronomicon)

From the 2008 split w/ Abhorrence:

  1. Storm Of Abhorrence
  2. Outronomicon II: One Night At Black Zone