Hypocrisy – End of Disclosure


Review by Paul Castles

Nuclear Blast

Hypocrisy have been at the fore of the Swedish metal success story for well over two decades without perhaps breaking through to the big time in quite the manner of their esteemed compatriots In Flames. Fronted by Peter Tägtgren, the early years featured a more straightforward death metal sound for Hypocrisy but as the years have rolled by the band have evolved into a more melodic death metal act. The deep scabrous vocals from Tägtgren are, of course, still a staple of the Hypocrisy sound but the package is more open and less confrontational. As always the inspiration behind the sound is a Game of Thrones’ addict’s wet dream with more serpents and dragons than you can shake a crooked stick at.

This latest offering, the trio’s twelfth full album, opens with the epic title track ‘End of Disclosure’ which features a symphonic introduction. What follows is a medium pace number with great sweeping choral sounds. While a lively enough opener the more forceful ‘Tales of Thy Spineless’ fits into the faster, more aggressive, brand of Hypocrisy hardcore including one great snake of a riff midway through which suddenly seems to elevate things to a higher level. Overall End of Disclosure has a real Euro feel to it and while there are plenty of stricken death metal distress calls, musically, this is an increasingly more harmonic Hypocrisy.

In contrast ‘United We Fall’ opens with a brutal vocal volley with Tägtgren rasping his way through a viscously frantic piece with Horgh pounding away on the drums with windmill-like arms. The slower deeper ‘Hell is Where I Stay’ conjures up thoughts of Opeth’s Michael Akerfeldt’s side project Bloodbath with its brooding sense of menace and drawn out gravel-toned delivery. ‘The Return’ is a creative curtain closer with the catchy ‘return of the Gods’ line featuring a hook that a North Sea fisherman would be glad of.

Although Tägtgren is something of a workaholic, with more side orders than Jamie Oliver, judged on End of Disclosure, Hypocrisy is a part of his life he’s not ready to relinquish any time soon. Although involved with his nu-metal side project Pain, his summer diary is ringed with European festivals with Hypocrisy – but sadly no imminent UK return for the Swedes.

Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. End of Disclosure
  2. Tales of Thy Spineless
  3. The Eye
  4. United We Fall
  5. 44 Double Zero
  6. Hell is Where I Stay
  7. Soldier of Fortune
  8. When Death Calls
  9. The Return