Hypno5e – Acid Mist Tomorrow


Review by Jason Guest

A quick glance over the track listing attests to Hypno5e’s attitude to song writing: if you can’t say it in one track, say it in two, or even three for that matter. Where you’d think that would point in the direction of progressive epics drenched in self-indulgence, Hypno5e’s compositional skill and dynamic control across Acid Mist Tomorrow, their second album, is remarkable.

When the guitars are cranked it gets very heavy, the guitar taking in palm-muted chugs, discordant chords, massive riffs and technically complex yet richly textured passages. The acoustic instrumentation, particularly in ‘Brume Unique Obscurite’, is evocative of Led Zep folk, and the keys further push the horizon with ambient textures and melodic passages. Masters at their craft, Hypno5e ake the genres that they have become so apt at executing and mould them into the shapes and sounds that they want. Atop this foundation of musical erudition sit the ever-expansive soundscapes within which they are unafraid to explore, indulge, and develop, the melodies and harmonies that surface are just magnificent. The vocals, whether raging, sweetly melodic or secretly whispered, are earnest, moving, and always intense. Combined with samples from such beat writers as Kerouac and Burroughs, philosophy from existentialist/absurdist Camus, and a multitude of though-provoking extracts, Hypno5e’s aesthetic is as philosophically as it is musically diverse.

The multi-layered tracks span the full breadth of the spectrum from the delicate and subtle to the dark and heavy, each aspect of their sound finely honed to ensure that the songs, the music is given priority over any individual instrument or musician. Hypno5e are an entity much greater than its parts. Accomplished song craft balanced with accomplished musicianship, what more could one ask of an album? Nine tracks in fifty five minutes may not sound appealing but Acid Mist Tomorrow is a journey to which your attention should be gladly given. To identify one or more tracks as highlights is impossible because Acid Mist Tomorrow works like the band, as a whole, as a unit. From the wealth of musical apparatus that they have amassed into their armoury, Hypno5e’s capability to craft intricately structured epics makes this a superbly constructed album.

8 out of 10


Track Listing:

  1. Acid Mist Tomorrow
  2. Six Fingers In One Hand She Holds The Dawn (Part I)
  3. Six Fingers In One Hand She Holds The Dawn (Part II)
  4. Story Of The Eye
  5. Gehenne (Part I)
  6. Gehenne (Part II)
  7. Gehenne (Part III)
  8. Brume Unique Obscurité (Part I)
  9. Brume Unique Obscurité (Part II)