Horrified Q&A


Tormented Tyneside death metal

With a new album out, Of Despair, Horrified vocalist Dan Alderson is keen to share his thoughts with our very own Paul Castles

Good album Dan! Was it something you’d been working on for a while?

Thank you! Yes, the album took a long time to make. It took around six months to compose on and off, and then the recording and post-production process took place from February all the way through to December of 2015.

Were you happy with how things turned out in the studio, how long were you all in there for?

We only needed three days of actual studio time and we were all quite hyped once the recording was completed.

How about the producer?

Our recording engineer, Kyle Partridge, is a really cool and laidback guy who is very knowledgeable and capable in his field. It was really fun working in the studio with him. As for Damian Herring, who mixed and mastered the album. Well, he should need no introduction now for his production work and his part in Horrendous. We had been online pals for quite some time before he started work, so it also had a relaxed vibe working with him, even though it was an album we all worked hard on and took very seriously.

Is there any particular theme to the songs on Of Despair?

See the title.

There’s a definite shift in direction with this album. Was that a conscious decision you took or just a natural evolution of your style?

It was a natural evolution for sure, I think it’s only natural we change and grow as humans and this also applies to music in my opinion. There were a lot of internal music factors and external personal circumstances which played a huge part in the album’s conception.

What tour plans have you got around the album?

In April we are playing four dates with Skelethal and Decrepid, just a few weeks after the initial release of the album. We then have a couple of one-off dates around the UK booked and some more in the works.

Horrified new band picture

How busy were you on the gig front last year, any standout shows?

We played pretty regularly, including a show in London with Ninkharsag. However, the highlight of our year had to be playing Gothenburg Death Fest in October.

Does being based in the north east present additional financial challenges in terms of gigging further south?

For sure, the travel is a pain and we’re not used to London beer prices, it’s almost double the costs to drink in London than it is in Newcastle.

If anyone was planning a few days in Co Durham are there any metal clubs or pubs worth a visit?

There is The Angel in Durham, which is a long running pub which attracts a metal and punk crowd, other than that not really.

What’s the general live scene like in the north east?

Fantastic and brimming with great bands and people with their hearts in the right place. The people are really enthusiastic and supportive also.

How ambitious are you all for the band?

My ambition for this band knows no bounds. This new album was such a step up from our debut and I intend to make our next release be another similar step up.

Who are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

Too many bands to list but here are a bunch of my regular jams at the moment.

Horrified Of Despair artwork

  • Chthe’ilist
  • Wode
  • Horrendous
  • Edge of Sanity
  • Sacramentum
  • Desultory
  • Unanimated
  • Mgła
  • Sarcasm
  • Caladan Brood
  • Summoning
  • Insomnium
  • Obsequiae
  • Eucharist