Holy Grail – Ride the Void


Review by Julian Handley

Nuclear Blast Records

The long awaited follow up to Holy Grail’s 2010 debut Crisis in Utopia, stretching the patience of those who embraced the band’s first spawn, Ride the Void hits the streets – eventually. So it is with eager anticipation and a hunger for nostalgic NWOBHM/Thrash theme, that we shall see if the three year hiatus has been worthy of the wait.

‘Archeus’, the instrumental opener of Ride the Void, eases you in gently with sublime echoes and a haunting melody which ensnares you, leaving you exposed to a savage ravaging that is dealt by the twelve tracks that follow. Holy Grail have a metal armoury of galloping drums, chasing slippery fast guitar riffs, whilst dodging between solid bass punches. Special acknowledgement must go to vocalist James Paul Luna whose aural gymnastics are the fluidity that gels the mix of the metal melting pot.

Wearing their metal hearts firmly emblazoned on their denim and leather sleeves, Holy Grail possess a talent and spirit akin to their adversaries of thirty years ago, as displayed in the early releases of Iron Maiden, Def  Leppard and Diamond Head, bands of  which defined the NWOBHM genre. Indeed along with bands like Cauldron, Enforcer, Steelwing and White Wizzard, such is the growth of the movement that these twenty first century ambassadors are tagged as New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. Excellently produced by Matt Hyde, Holy Grail have constructively crafted a crisp, fresh sounding slab of metal for the next generation. This was well worth the wait.

Holy Grail - Ride the Void8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Archeus
  2. Bestia Triumphans
  3. Dark Passenger
  4. Bleeding Stone
  5. Ride The Void
  6. Too Decayed To Wait
  7. Crosswinds
  8. Take It To The Grave
  9. Sleep Of Virtue
  10. Silence the Scream
  11. The Great Artifice
  12. Wake Me When It’s Over
  13. Rains of Sorrow