Hell’s Coronation – Transgression Of A Necromantical Darkness


Since forming in Gdańsk, Poland in 2016, black/doom metal maestros Hell’s Coronation have been on a quest for world domination, and their second full-length album, Transgression Of A Necromantical Darkness looks certain to make that dream a reality, and propel the band towards worldwide recognition.

The band currently consist of Zepar (guitars, vocals, keys, bass) and drummer Skogen, and this pair certainly know how to set a scene; an ice cold, frostbitten prelude creates just the right amount of tension before the band arrive and march from speaker to speaker like an invading army. The vocals are suitably gruff and scratchy while the drums are cavernous, and the two combined conspire to create a cavernous sound that is so vast and expansive, that it can barely be comprehended. ‘Spirituality Of Burning Black’ is the name of the opening track, and it contains relentless rolling riff that will batter down the wall to your cranium. The merger of black and doom metal is such a winning combination; the dark, atmospherics of both genres complement each other well, and when delivered by Hell’s Coronation becomes both heavy and emotive.

The dark cover which houses this disc gives a good indication of what is to be found inside, it sends a definite warning to the curious; enter at your own peril. Hell’s Coronation are not designed for the weak of constitution, but those bold enough to weather the storm will find some of the best heavy metal (and when I say heavy, I mean humongously so). The band are in no rush, and so take their time to build rich and textured soundscapes. Take ‘For Vengeance The Malevolent Fog Rises’, for example; it sounds like a galley of slaves dragging huge stones while their masters thrown down all sorts of wrath. In fact, each of the six tracks that comprise these albums are like huge monolithic structures built in worship of some strange deity.

With Skogen’s drums beating a military tattoo, ‘Primordial Wrath Of Old Death’ evolves into another monster, and with all but one track breaking the six-and-a-half minute mark, Hell’s Coronation tend to veer towards the epic, and it is a form that definitely suits the band. The tendency towards the elongated creates a unified feel and it means the album flows extremely well, almost like a concept album. This is a record that should be enjoyed in its entirety, and in one sitting. You should also give it your full attention so as to recognise all of its symbolism, and to lose yourself in its snaky, maze-like riffs. Transgression Of A Necromantical Darkness is not an album you just listen to, rather it is an album you engage with, and it will richly reward any effort you put in.

The Dead Flame Of The Cold Wintermoon’ is a dark, ambient closer and one that poses as many questions as it answers, and promises that there’s much more to come from this crew.

  • Transgression Of A Necromantical Darkness is released via Godz Ov War and is available now (from here).
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Track List:

  1. Spirituality Of Burning Black
  2. For Vengeance The Malevolent Fog Rises
  3. Primordial Wrath Of Old Death
  4. From His Blood
  5. Kości boga
  6. The Dead Flame Of The Cold Wintermoon