Hellish Outcast – Your God Will Bleed


Review by Jason Guest

Featuring members of such bands as Keep of Kalessin, Byfrost, Breed, and 66 Crusher, and being Norwegian, you’d be forgiven for expecting Hellish Outcast’s first full length to have at least a snifter of black metal in there somewhere. Well, forget it, because they deal in dense death metal-infused thrash loaded up to the eyeballs on subterranean sludgy grooves fuelled by frustration at the need for the betterment of humanity. From the first few tracks, it’s evident that the band’s collective experience in the metal underworld has given the band the kind of armoury a guerrilla outfit buried in the depths of the jungle would be envious of. Each track a tightly-clenched fist, the album a bruiser, this is ferocious and intense.

As far as production goes, Alkolust’s drums sound like a ton of concrete and, though leaning more towards the grimy end of the death spectrum, Martin Legreid’s guitars and Max Morbid’s bass have that brick wall, broken nose tone positioning them just below the scream/growl-combination vocals to sit at the fore of the mix. This balance means that the effect is of a heavy low-end sound that gives the tracks the weight that they need to be as effective as they are. This band’s strength is its knowledge of how to structure an engaging track. Hellish Outcast know when to chuck in a chug, when to let rip, and when to drag it down. For example, ‘Genocide’ begins as a fast and intense track with an almost-black metal feel to the riffs and has a mid-section that is borderline progressive. And ‘Ten Times Strong’ is a down tempo groove with the vocals bearing a distinct resemblance to Phil Anselmo and the outro digging into the kind of mighty stomp that Pantera would’ve produced around the mid-90s. After a while though, a few chinks in the armoury appear. Though they have their fair share of outstanding moments, ‘Muffled Screams’ and the closing three tracks feel like fillers, or at least like tracks that could’ve benefitted from being bashed about a bit more in the rehearsal room. But with such variety in the songs and the sounds – particularly Thebon and Legreid’s vocal approach – Your God Will Bleed has enough diversity to make it an interesting debut from a band that is yet to deliver their best. But this is a pretty good start.

7 out of 10

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Track Listing:

  1. The View, So Disgusting
  2. Your God Will Bleed
  3. Djinn (Iblis)
  4. Genocide
  5. Muffled Screams
  6. Forget
  7. Ten Times Stronger
  8. You Will Scream
  9. Face Forced Down
  10. Hubris