Heavens Basement – Filthy Empire


Review by Tosh Davies

Dispensing with all the history bullshit let’s cut to the chase, ‘Filthy Empire’ is possibly the best album any British Rock band has released in a long while. Heavens Basement have done things the old way, get their arses on the road and tear up those miles before releasing their full album. This has certainly paid off; the wait was worth it with a slab of hook laden, melody soaked Rock worthy of awards.

‘Welcome Home’ begins the relentless barrage of pace and quality with Aaron Buchanan screaming his lungs dry; ‘Fire Fire’ and ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ continue to push the energy levels into the red. With more hooks than the complete Robson Green Extreme Fishing DVD Boxset the songs take you to new heights leaving you gasping for air. Aaron’s vocal delivery is nothing short of stunning throughout, a detectable hint of Cheap Trick influenced melodies form a firm foundation to the already rock solid songs. Each chorus is bigger than Meat Loafs under pants, with highlight ‘Lights Out In London’ transporting you to a smoky back room in some seedy Soho bar. With his guitar attack set to stun, Sid Glover simply plays his fingers raw, solo’s spreading from all angles, from the frantic ‘I Am Electric’ to the face ripping ‘Executioners Song’ its aural beauty.

It there’s one track that should kick the Yanks arses then its ‘The Long Goodbye’, bands should be falling over each other to write hooks and chorus’ this damn catchy. Heavens Basement has some secret song writing ingredient that American bands would kill for, a secret they should keep in a vault.

Heavens Basement have concocted a potent bitches brew of smoldering Hard Rock, Filthy Empire is the debut of the decade, I can’t see anyone coming close for some time.

With a touring calendar fully booked for 2013 this could very well be the year Heavens Basement finally gets the recognition they deserve.

9 out of 10

Track List:-

1. Welcome HomeHB - Filthy empire
2. Fire, Fire
3. Nothing Left to Lose
4. Lights Out In London
5. I Am Electric
6. The Long Goodbye
7. Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch
8. Be Somebody
9. Can’t Let Go
10. The Price We Pay
11. Jump Back
12. Executioner’s Day