Heart Of A Coward – Severance


Review by Dan Perks

Century Media

As the festive season approaches, journalists and fans alike are already discussing their favourite albums of the year. Without a doubt, do not settle on your top 10 without listening to the most recent offering from Brit bruisers Heart Of A Coward.

With a solid production and recording team behind the album, including Tesseract’s Acle Kahney and US producer Will Putney, Severance is fantastic rise to form. The first thing I love about this album is the guitar tone; it’s heavy and crisp, similar to the likes of The Acacia Strain in their Wormwood era. And smaller touches like the intro to ‘Eclipsed’ feels like it was inspired by Fear Factory’s Demanufacture. There are some similarities to bands like The Defiled, except Heart of a Coward bring a shit-ton more weight and power behind them. The vocals took me a while to click with, the heavy guttural verses were brilliant but I originally had issues with the clean melodic choruses. After about the third or fourth listen it clicked and I suddenly found myself being hooked in.  There are moments where Jamie Graham’s vocals remind me of early Earthtone9 stuff; I just didn’t see it straight away.

I think most fans from across most of the metal genres will find something in this album that pulls them in. It doesn’t matter if your into Death, thrash, metalcore or hardcore this album with undoubtedly get you headbanging very quickly. I am gutted I missed the Heart Of A Cowards recent UK tour as the album is packed full of huge songs that would crush any crowd. Tracks like ‘Monstro’, ‘Psychophant’ and ‘Distance’ are set to become instant fan favourites, the latter even features a guest appearance by Sikth vocalist Justin Hill with a part specifically written for him.

There is no weak link in this album, no filler tracks or gimmicks, no dubstep or electronic sections to pad it out. It’s just straight up, powerful tech metal. I for one am really looking forward to hearing what Heart Of A Coward do next. With so much promise the sky really is the limit for them.

Heart of a Coward 20139 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Monstro
  2. Prey
  3. Distance
  4. Nauseam
  5. Deadweight
  6. Eclipsed
  7. Psychophant
  8. Mirrors
  9. Desensitise
  1. Severance