Head Of The Demon – Head Of The Demon


Review by Jason Guest

The Ajna Offensive

Comprised of “nameless members from known bands”, Head of The Demon’s Lovecraft-laced occult black/doom metal début is nothing less than mesmerising. Rhythmically captivating and spellbindingly atmospheric, the vintage fuzz guitar, reverberating vocals and importunate riffing imbue this début with a sinister and ritualistic feel. The pregnant atmospheres of its aesthetic are of towering cathedrals resplendent in the architecture of an unexplored underworld adorned in the iconography of deities deemed too dangerous for mere mortals. The sounds of dark devotion reverberating in its ominous air, darkly seductive, its lugubrious overtones and Sabbath-like riffs smack of the esoteric. There’s a certain fragility to the sound, a palpable granularity akin to that of statues and sculptures that stand as relics, as symbols whose meanings remain lost within the mystical era from which they sprang.

Down tempo, haunting and menacingly magical, the shadowy depths of Head of the Demon are incredible. Drawn ever deeper into its opaque textures, the more time you give this record, the more you find yourself unable to avert your gaze or let it go. The simple riff of ‘Phantasmagoria’ emerges from nowhere and lingers with little in the way of variation for almost six minutes. The effect is phenomenal. The same for the swirling rhythms and riffs of ‘Fifth House Of The Mausoleum’ that spiral ever higher into the ether. And so it goes for the entire album. Unbelievable. Mystical, magickal, esoteric, whatever, there are no words that capture the experience of this album. Ancient mysteries befall…

Head Of The Demon9 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Titan Hand
  2. The Lie In Wait – Riding The Waste
  3. Phantasmagoria
  4. The Man From Foreign Land
  5. The Key
  6. Fifth House Of The Mausoleum
  7. Wraith From The Unknown
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