Hatebreed – The Divinity Of Purpose


Review by Julian Handley

Nuclear Blast Records

Hatebreed, the Connecticut hardcore titans are back with their sixth studio album, The Divinity of Purpose, which sees them angrier than ever, with pounding aggression and rebellion being the order of the day. Jamey Jasta demands you ‘Put it to the Torch’ on the opening track, which is about moving on with no regrets without ever having to apologise for your actions. Whilst it isn’t intended for the listener to suddenly become a pyromaniac, the message is of positivity and learning by your mistakes.

The power and anger are fiercely brutal throughout every track, and none more evident than the next track ‘Honor Never Dies’ paying homage to fallen servicemen. This is a personal message, as Jamey has experienced the loss of his grandfather in the veterans hospital and his sorrow at the patients of whom were once heroes for their country, dying alone, now discarded having been recognised for their courage, only to be put out to die with very little dignity, when their countrymen owe them a massive debt of gratitude. The song puts a positive spin on a sad subject, and demands you display your respect in a fist pumping, celebration of national pride and appreciation. ‘Own Your World’ is a statement of intent, “Fist up, head high, we own the fucking world tonight”, the lyrics instil self  belief  and a winning mentality. Throaty battle cries, heavy riffing, battering ram drumming and bottomless, breakdowns in abundance. Three tracks in and you get the picture; The Divinity of Purpose sees Hatebreed at the top of their game, and this is the album most likely to hook new admirers to a reviving hardcore scene.

Whilst a relative late comer to the party, I have come to appreciate what these guys are all about, and enjoyed their set at Bloodstock last year, where I think they won over the majority in attendance. There is something very special about Hatebreed in my opinion, and I think it’s down to their honesty, and a sense that they are most genuine to their fans and themselves alike. An enjoyable journey awaits the listener in the little under forty minutes and eleven tracks on offer.

Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose8 out of 10

Tracklist :

  1. Put It To The Torch
  2. Honor Never Dies
  3. Own Your World
  4. The Language
  5. Before The Fight Ends You
  6. Indivisible
  7. Dead Man Breathing
  8. The Divinity Of Purpose
  9. Nothing Scars Me
  10. Bitter Truth
  11. Boundless (Time To Murder It)