Harbinger – Paroxysm


Tech death par excellence

Released on 3 June 2016 and reviewed by Stephen Brophy

Harbinger are a fairly new technical death metal band from London, having formed in 2015 Paroxysm is, believe it or not, their first EP bringing us five extremely heavy tracks of power and brutality. While not inventing the wheel this five-piece still manage to sound quite interesting in what can at times be a bit of a saturated marketplace. Opening things up with ‘Falsifier’ kicks things off nicely, a rumbling backdrop and a nice mix in vocal styles which is maintained throughout the EP. ‘Instruments Of Guilt’ is another really well put together track with pounding beats and flying solos running over the strong riffs.

Everything on this EP is put into perspective by the lead track ‘Subsidised Slaughter’, a cracking slab of brutal death metal with moments of excellence along with the quite grim closer ‘Fractured World’, but ‘Subsidised Slaughter’ is a track that leaves you eager to hear the next instalment. The guys have packed a lot into just five tracks: power with extremely good execution; riffs cutting at you constantly; and a solid bass and drum sound that eats into your head.

Every now and then a death metal band pops out of the scene and there’s a real promise about what they are trying to do, and Harbinger can be added to that list. This is a very well put together EP, its sound and production are at least on a par with a number of recent album releases. Both unusual and pleasing to see, it shows what can be done when the effort is made to make the release sound as it should. The quality is magnified when you remember that it’s their first release of any kind. Keep an eye out for Harbinger. Hopefully an album will follow closely on the back of this EP release, and it will certainly be worth checking out to see where they take things from here.

Harbinger – Paroxysm7.5 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Falsifier
  2. Instruments Of Guilt
  3. Survival
  4. Subsided Slaughter
  5. A Fractured World