Gone By Tomorrow – Blank Future


One that will live long in the memory…

Review by Kristian Pugh

Self Released

Release date: 16 October 2015

Emanating from the soft, gentle shores of Southampton are a band that are almost certainly going to cause more than just a ripple in the waters of metalcore. Blank Future is 5-piece Gone By Tomorrow’s first real arrival onto the scene, and in truth it’s one that will live long in the memory.

In parts, Blank Future ticks all the boxes for what a metalcore EP should be, the riffs remain furious throughout as well as Lewis Smyth’s truly blistering performance on lead vocals. ‘Outspoken’ incorporates both of these elements and the result is a 3-and-a-half minute onslaught of passion, enthusiasm and a whole lot of head-banging to boot.

However there are segments of Blank Future which steer away from generic metalcore, and in the best way possible. Both ‘I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do’ and ‘Not The Only Ones’ still carry with them the hardcore infused vocals but also bring with them more anthem and strictly metal styled riffs which compliment not just Smyth’s but also vocalist/guitarist Luke Smithson’s melodic vocals to no end.

Final song ‘Homecoming’ also follows in this vein, but brings with it the most “sing along” moments that can be found on the EP, as well as one of the biggest breakdowns you’ll have heard for a while, the mixture of both creates a truly captivating listen.

With Blank Future, Gone By Tomorrow have placed themselves in a position where they can be so much more than just a “metalcore” band, instead; the five piece can rest safe in the knowledge that if the day comes that they feel they should leave metalcore behind, they are more than capable of making this progression. In all honesty, that day doesn’t seem too far away.

Gone By Tomorrow – BlankFuture9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Undefined
  2. Outspoken
  3. I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?
  4. Here’s To You, Dearest Enemy
  5. Not The Only Ones
  6. Homecoming