Godsized @ The Underworld, Camden, London – Friday 14 September, 2018


Final roll of the dice…

Review by Emily Castles

Despite releasing just two full length albums during their 10-year stint through the metal world, Godsized developed a furious and dedicated following. Falling off the radar soon after the release of their 2015 album Heavy Lies the Crown, many were left high and dry and feeling that the band were taken too soon. And so, when they came calling three years later, the mourning fans who had lost all hope came flocking like pilgrims from all points of the compass, no questions asked. One night only. The Underworld in Camden. A charity gig of two halves.

The first was to consist of the members that featured for Godsized in their later and more established years, the second half was to feature what Glen Korner affectionately referred to as the ‘BLS’ line-up, reuniting the members present at the birth of Godsized in 2006. Needless to say, this event was something special. A reunion of band and fans alike.

The first half of the set was made up of vocalist Glen Korner, who has fronted the band since their first EP as Godsized in 2006, as well as Gavin Kerrigan on bass and Chris Charles on guitar. They performed many of their most beloved songs including Welcome to Hell and even Fade, which Korner revealed they had never played live before – and indeed, as their (supposedly) final ever gig, never will again.

Korner proves a modest frontman this evening, with regular interludes of ‘I forgot how hard this was’ and ‘this one is ambitious, it requires a change in time signature.’ Although constantly apologising for his tired vocals, his bluesy, Sabbath-esque sound only intensified with this increasing element of ‘husk’.

As they brought songs from their two full-length albums to life, each song embellished with yet another catchy and killer piece of riffage, there was an unmistakeable heart-warming sense of comradery and unmatchable fun.

Godsized’s sound, reminiscent of bands like Black Label Society and Black Spiders, seems to be one that we are in danger of losing from the metal scene. This evening reminded the world of the importance of the 1970’s hard rock revival.

The second half welcomed guitarist Neil Fish to the stage, the founding member of Godsized before it was Godsized, along with drummer Andy Robinson. The crowd were chanting ‘Fish’ way into the third or fourth song.

This second half was even more of a reunion, there was a feeling that this really was the last time Godsized would ever be together – even if the fans were pleading otherwise. There were further revelations, with Korner sharing anecdotes of how songs were written and performing other songs in the way they were originally ‘intended’.

This was a band trying to show their true selves on the way out of the door – they wanted to be entirely transparent and show their journey and untimely end – a final gift to those that have stuck with them throughout their journey. With all proceeds from ticket sales and merch going to the family of a loyal roadcrew member whose wife is sadly battling motor neurone disease, Godsized were determined to make this last hurrah a celebration of all that has gone before

Korner cracked open a bottle of celebratory whiskey, whilst the end of the set brought all other Godsized members onto the stage for one giant head-banging party, even pulling drummer Dan Kavanagh out from the crowd – beer in hand.

The comradeship. The heads on shoulders. The laughing. The smiles. The one-of-a-kind ‘The Last Goodbye’ merchandise being sold at the bar. This was Godsized going out with a bang.