God Damn – I’m A Lazer, You’re A Radar


Review by Paul Broome

There weren’t many local bands in 2012 that made us sit up and pay attention as much as Wolverhampton’s GOD DAMN, and with this CD single of new material (a split release between Distorted Tapes and Gravy Records) they’re not wasting any time in 2013 to prove that the issue statement they dictated last year was not just hot air.

Spending time on heady analysis would be completely contrary to the ferocity of the music on display here, so I’ll try to keep it suitably succinct. ‘Lazer/Radar’ manages to be both unfeasibly violent and immensely addictive – a brand new Wolf Town anthem (wrought from the heaviest metal in the fires of Carvers). Even the Slade-esque spelling is a deliberate homage. ‘Dead on the Wall’ dials the speed down a notch, but ratchets up the intensity.

I don’t want to push the Seattle button too hard (like many God Damn commentators seem to be) because – having been on the front line back in the late 80s – God Damn have an alert intensity to them that those bands (with the exception of Tad) lacked. As loud as they were they always seemed on the verge of falling asleep.  But it’s fair to say the excitement I felt back then, while being assaulted by ferocious walls of fuzz-drenched feedback, is definitely akin to the excitement that God Damn generate in me. Also, the cover art – harking back as it seems to to both Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Bigmuff and Nirvana’s ‘Sliver’/’Blow’ 7″ – shows that this is a band not afraid to run with that particular baton.

‘Fought in the Mirror’ will be familar to many of you, having been handed out for free late last year – it was the first indication that the band were ready to truly fuck things up in the new year. It’s a mammoth song that walks the line between noise and music perfectly – with the battered keyboards adding that extra element. ‘Double Negative’ rounds things off… and I’ve run out of ways to say it: but it’s both BIG, and it’s immensely clever. It also has a perfectly quotable couplet: “All I’ve said and all I’ve done/Is meant to freak out every one.” Then Bang. It’s over. Just under twelve and a half minutes – and I’m left with bleeding eardrums, hurricane-swept hair and an intense tingling in my nether regions.

Even though I’ve been exposed to them plenty over the last year – the limited release Demonstration cassette album is on frequent rotation here –  I’ve still been totally taken aback by just how COLOSSAL all four tracks sound. It’s a sound far too big to remain contained in Wolverhampton… far too big even for the West Midlands. If they don’t explode this year, then they will surely implode in a flare of Higgs-Boson particles…

I highly recommend you get your pre-order for the CD in now to beat the rush! You can do so for just a few quid at the links below.

GD9 out of 10


  1. I’m A Lazer, You’re A Radar
  2. Dead On The Wall
  3. Fought In The Mirror
  4. Double Negative



  1. Never heard of them Paul, but I thoroughly enjoyed your review. It nearly made me want to hear them…nearly :-)

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