God Damn – Everything Ever


Sounds better the louder you play it…

Out on 23 September 2016 and reviewed by Allan Jones

There’s something about the fuzzed-up sound of a downtuned guitar that automatically makes it sound cool. It’s even cooler these days to be a two-piece, and Thom Edwards (guitar and vocal) and Ash Weaver (drums) tick the boxes for both of those things. Hailing from Wolverhampton, they’re actually the remnants of a three piece band, with a former member dropping out after a life-threatening accident to leave them as a bass-less two-piece outfit.

It’s definitely an album that sounds better the louder you play it. Opener ‘Sing This’ screams at you from the get-go with the lightly distorted vocal over a fuzzy lead riff that drags you along into a sort of lo-fi stoner grunge state of Nirvana, for example. There are big hints of the early nineties indie scene liberally scattered throughout, adding up to a big sing-along kind of number.

As the album progresses, they retain the heaviness and the shoutiness which ends up with the album feeling like a sort of grunge-punk with hints of early Nirvana and Jesus Lizard and their ilk thrown in. While it’s not exactly a subtle, groove-laden record, the very raw attack of it really builds and pummels you all the way. This is at least in part due to the massive, thundering drumming – it never lets up and really drives the album along.

If you’re a fan of relentless noise and unsubtle, punky, grungy rock, this will be ideal for you. For me, it lacks a little of the groove and dynamic subtlety of other two-piece bands – and of their Heavy Money EP, if that matters to you – but what it lacks on that score it makes up for in sheer gut-punching aggression. As such, I’m on the fence – other than the opener, none of the other tracks really stand out for me, but equally there’s nothing really off-putting, either. It’s a good, solid album, but unfortunately for them I’ve heard better this year, and it suffers in comparison.

god-damn-everything-ever7 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Sing This
  2. Ghost
  3. Again Again
  4. Fake Prisons
  5. I’ll Bury You
  6. Failure
  7. It Bites
  8. Oh No
  9. Six Wires
  10. Dead To Me
  11. Violence
  12. Let’s Speak
  13. Easily Misbled