Ghost Of The Avalanche’s Civil Unrest EP to be released on 12 October 2019 via DIE DAS DER as part of this years’ ‘International Cassette Store Day’


2019’s Ghost Of The Avalanche is angry, really angry; their ire is aimed directly at crooked politicians, ones that have little regard for the public they serve, the ones that have their own narcissistic agenda. Never a band to shy away from a contentious subject, the punk ‘n’ roll two piece have returned leaner, meaner and somehow, louder on their fifth EP ‘Civil Unrest’. Fuelled by guttural bass ‘n’ drum driven punk rock, the outfit’s rage can’t be contained. GOTA set out to capture their bombastic live performance while holding up a mirror to today’s very uncertain times. Bassist/vocalist Nick Wiltone remarks on the EP There’s a real urgency to the sound of the EP but this is also a reflection on our environment. We are living in times of openly lying politicians, digital paranoia and a deeply divided country. These are all themes we explore in these songs. ‘Civil Unrest’ is probably the most pissed off we have been on record”. As statements go, on ‘Civil Unrest’ the duo have forged one that’s brutal, aggressive and uncompromising; the fury is tangible.

Whilst challenging themselves thematically on ‘Civil Unrest’, GOTA also chose to rip up their own rulebook when it came to the recording process. The noiseniks did away with all studio trickery in favour of the immediacy and raw approach of laying down their acerbic punk-rock directly to cassette tape. “We were given the opportunity by our good friend [producer] Phil Parsons to track to an 8 track Tascam cassette recorder as part of a studio experiment, to see what kind of results we could produce by imposing limitations on ourselves”,reflects Wiltone on the ‘Civil Unrest’ studio sessions. The bass-slinging vocalist continues “most recordings are over-done on computers these days, so it was a great experience to turn off the screens and just use our ears. We had no idea if it would work but we feel the medium is perfect for our noisy band. It made us really concentrate on our performances and make sure every part was necessary.  There was no room for “oh can I just drop in for that part” or “we’ll fix it in the mix”, as what you hear is how it went down. We pretty much did a handful of takes for each song and then committed, “Yep. That’s the one, done”. Then we thought what better way to celebrate the recording process, the medium and the results than by putting it out as part of International Cassette Store Day.”

A call to arms, a statement of intent, call it what you want but Ghost Of The Avalanche are stoking the fire of discontent and leading the charge on ‘Civil Unrest’.

Civil Unrest EP tracklist:

  1. Civil Unrest
  2. Cloak and Dagger
  3. Vampire Bats
  4. Not Our War
  5. Walk With Me
  6. They Live

Civil Unrest is available as a limited edition cassette as part of ‘International Cassette Store Day’ and digital download.

Digital album releases 12 October 2019

Pre-order here

Ghost Of The Avalanche:

  • Nick Wiltone (bass/vocals)
  • Robbo Clark (drums/vocals)


October, November and December tour dates coming soon…