From The Vastland – Kamarikan


Review by Jason Guest

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Iran’s From The Vastland – the work of sole member Sina – have been making black metal since 2010 with his first album, Darkness vs. Light, The Perpetual Battle, appearing in 2011. A distinct Norwegian influence ingrained into every blackened shriek and every savage trem-picked riff and with Persian mythology as inspiration, it was a well-produced collection of well-written tracks, it was an impressive debut that, though perhaps not ground-breaking, promised much from this one-man band. That same black metal ferocity courses through the very veins of album number two, Kamarikan, Sina’s compositional, musical, and production skills having developed significantly over the past two years. Harrowing, haunting, and menacingly vitriolic, Sina is as adept at letting the dark destruction flow as he is at commanding the light to augment the atmospheric shades and melancholic and anguished melodies.

With the unremitting cold of ‘The Ahriman Wizard’, the warlike grandeur of ‘Call of The Mountain Battle’, and the icy wind that permeates ‘Darkness All Over The World’, Sina sets the standard pretty high, the opening tracks could easily warrant what would be a better-than-strong EP. But, as if in sheer defiance of the level of quality already established, the album keeps getting better. The title track is misanthropy embodied, the demonic vocals compounding the merciless riffs and intricate song-writing. The acoustic intro to ‘Night Sentinel’ is minatory, the track growing in scale as its dark majesty slowly unveils itself with every step, melancholy and rancour fused into every sinister melody and the track’s ruthless barrage. And closers ‘Realm Of Cadaver Sovereign’ and ‘Vortex Of Empty Cosmos’ are both extraordinary, the dramatic nature of the tracks matched only by their oppressive atmospheres. There’s very little to find fault with here. It’s near impossible to pick out one or perhaps two tracks that stand above all others, and the whole album makes you wonder how just one man can produce such consistent quality. Outstanding.

From The Vastland – Kamarikan9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. The Ahriman Wizard
  2. Call Of The Mountain Battle
  3. Darkness All Over The World
  4. Kamarikan
  5. Night Sentinel
  6. Realm Of Cadaver Sovereign
  7. Vortex Of Empty Cosmos