Freak Injection – Freak Is Fashion



Allan was riding a pink unicorn on 12 May 2017 and still hasn’t decided if that’s a subtle euphemism or not…

In only four tracks, this band has managed to ensure that I’ll be tracking their future releases with interest. It’s not because it’s particularly new or different, but because there’s just something about the sheer lunacy in how it’s all delivered.  Each track manages to throw something slightly different into the mix – dubstep, industrial, synth-pop…

For the most part, the lyrics are nonsensical but it doesn’t really seem to matter  all that much. It’s the musical blend underneath that really shines through and the vocal is treated almost as another layer of instrumentation. Probably just as well, as the delivery style is varied, to say the least, and some styles (generally the softer ones) work better than the shoutier layers.

In the end, it’s a ways away from perfect, but it’s still got a sense of fun and vibrancy about it echoed by their press information which includes references to kawaii unicorns and rainbow bubbles. As far as ‘melodious electro-rock’ goes, this is definitely a release with the potential to turn into something fun and interesting.

Freak Injection – Freak Is Fashion6 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Freak Is Fashion
  2. Sex Me
  3. Crosses
  4. Psycho (Russian Boy)