Frantic Alice – Self-Titled EP


Review by Robert Baker

From Milton Keynes comes Frantic Alice, a four piece rock band with a six track EP and an incongruous appeal all of their own. Opening track ‘Misses Misery’ starts things off extremely favourably, the guitar riff a finger-twirling triumph of hammer-on and pull-off notes that trip the ‘head-nod’ switch as soon as it’s heard. Second track ‘I Feel Nothing’ will have you checking the screen of your iPod to make sure it hasn’t mixed up your Pearl Jam playlist in with the EP with the intro a pastiche of ‘Evenflow’ almost to a T. Fans of the RHCP’s song ‘Can’t Stop’ will probably appreciate the homage of ‘How To Be’s intro, whilst Velvet Revolver fans may find more favour in ‘So In Love’s similarity to ‘She Sells Sanctuary’.

‘Tear Me Down’ and ‘Memories’ are the songs on the EP that display Frantic Alice’s ability to craft songs and write credible music without relying on the ‘influence’ of other artists, though, the former a wonderful mix of punk venom and rock energy, the latter a considered layering of riffs and lyrics that ebb and flow and explode with the energy of a band deserving your attention. And it is for these two songs I’d recommend getting into Frantic Alice now.

Whilst there is definitely a feeling of influence overriding originality to those of us who’ve got a few years under our belt, there’s enough spark in there to keep you listening to see what comes next. Maybe this isn’t the release to get the band signed, but it’s certainly more than enough reason to be waiting for their first full album.

Frantic Alice image7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Misses Misery
  2. I Feel Nothing
  3. How To Be
  4. Tear Me Down
  5. So In Love
  6. Memories