Fozzy + Drowning Pool @ The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – Tuesday 16th April


Review by Tony Gaskin, photos by Sean Larkin

New destination for me this evening. Surprisingly, I’ve never been to The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham before so was looking forward to a great evening. Impressed with the overall layout of the place and considering the high ceiling, the sound wasn’t too bad, although a bit drum heavy for Fozzy.


8659345870_75f24ace75_nSpeaking of which, after an interminably long intro, Rich “The Duke” Ward leads his band mates onto stage to huge roars from the amassed ranks of the ever faithful Fozzy fans. Not all the band though, ever the showman, Chris Jericho waits for just the right moment to bound onto stage to an even louder roar. Sporting his trademark aviator shades and cut-off checked shirt Jericho soon has the crowd eating out of his hand. He may not have the best vocals, but he is accomplished enough for what he has to do. A constant touring schedule have enabled them to hone their act to near perfection and to accumulate a real hard core following who know every song thrown at them.

Jericho is like a machine, he doesn’t stop and his stage presence is huge, but for me the show stealer is The Duke with sublime guitar skills and when he leads the vocals shows up Jericho’s limits.

Onto Drowning Pool then and my first time seeing them with new vocalist Jason Mareno. Nothing too dramatic here, powerful but safe vocals, keeping the classic DP sound for the epic Nu-Metal anthems such as “Sinner”, “Pity” and “Step Up”. He looks comfortable and confident on stage and seems to have slotted in nicely.

8658251455_ac1e5ab949_nThere’s no great departure from the tried and tested formula with the new tracks that are aired here tonight either. Taken from the new album “Resilience” tracks like “Die For Nothing” and “One Finger and a Fist” fit comfortably in the set, and get the approval of the die hard fans here tonight, but it’s the iconic “Bodies” that gets the biggest response of the night, finally blowing the roof off. This ultimate club anthem still gets the blood pumping and the seething mass have been waiting all night for this moment.

All in all a great evening of rock and metal, happy to report that the venue gets my seal of approval and will be back! The echoes of the crowd chanting along to Bodies send the very hot, sweaty and happy fans on their way.

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