Foul Body Autopsy – The Epidemic Sickening The World


Review by Jason Guest

UKEM Records

The Epidemic Sickening The World is a 21-minute blast of utterly ferocious death metal drenched in brutality. After the interesting (though perhaps too long) scene-setter ‘Outbreak’, an unremitting wave of bludgeoning riffs and rabid grunts flood forth. Mainman Reynolds knows what a good riff is and proceeds to bestow upon us a plethora of barbarous chugs, grinds, and technical depravity moulded into a bunch of seriously impressive death metal tracks. Well-structured and well-produced, this is an impressive piece of work. However, what lets it down is that there are only two new tracks (tracks 4, 5, and 6 were recorded between 2010 and 2012). Though a fine collection, it would have been better had Reynolds held on to the tracks for a longer release with more new material. And given what’s here, it would’ve been well worth the wait. Reynolds’ musicianship is top notch, as is his ability to craft incredible extreme metal that draws on an array of styles. Bringing in a real drummer for the recordings makes the difference too, the tracks sounding more human than mechanical. A fine slab of brutal technical death metal, if this is your first exposure to Foul Body Autopsy, grab it. Highly recommended.

FBA7 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Outbreak
  2. The Epidemic Sickening The World
  3. The Last Days Of Humanity
  4. And The World Looked On In Horror
  5. Left To Rot
  6. Synthetic Existence