FM – Heroes And Villains


Another melodic masterpiece…

Review by Alex Alicia Firth


Release date: 17 April 2015

Just when you think UK Rockers FM couldn’t get any better they hit us with another melodic masterpiece. Their new album entitled Heroes and Villains has it all. From the slender tones of Overland’s golden voice alongside the ever great guitar riffs, solos and catchy drum beats. Start to finish I can guarantee every song featured on this album will have you rockin’.

Staying nothing but true to their roots, this is another classic FM album. Stand out tracks being the somewhat similar Def Leppard sounding ‘You’re the best thing about me’ and the slower but much needed and expected ballad ‘Incredible’. Each with meaningful lyrics and epic sound it’s apparent from the first listen of this album that it will be one to watch out for.

Heroes and Villains has proved itself in my opinion to be some of FM’s best work to date. Finishing with another ballad ‘Walking with Angels’ and doing what FM do best this song has a beautiful acoustic sound and allows Steve Overland’s vocals to be brilliantly exposed throughout. Performances and all, this band never seems to disappoint. With a killer rhythm section and the subtle addition of Jem’s Keyboard skills, this time around FM have managed to create an album that can not only be referred to as melodic but also a new avenue of classic rock.

It’s obvious why FM never feel the need to rush a release but instead opt to make it the best it can be, really catering for fans and also making sure everything is worthy of the rock scene. These boys are smashing it once again and it’s great to see. Fans can be very pleased with the outcome as another FM gem is coming their way shortly.

FM – HeroesAndVillains9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Digging Up The Dirt
  2. You’re The Best Thing About Me
  3. Life Is A Highway
  4. Fire And Rain
  5. Incredible
  6. Call On Me
  7. Cold Hearted
  8. Shape I’m In
  9. Big Brother
  10. Somedays I Only Wanna Rock
  11. I Want You
  12. Walking With Angels