FM – Futurama EP


Review by Harry Paterson

Release Date: 31 March 2014

There are three things the uninitiated listener needs to know about FM. Firstly that in Steve Overland the band possesses one of the very finest – but criminally underrated – blues-soul-rock singers the UK has ever produced. Secondly, that as far as UK-based AOR/melodic rock is concerned, the band are probably our finest and classiest exponents. And finally, that the term ‘E.P.’ has a very elastic definition where FM is concerned.

A thirty year-plus career has, sadly, failed to deliver the riches and commercial success the band so deservedly merits. Nevertheless, that hasn’t impacted in the slightest with regard to the quality of their output. And indeed the quantity…

As far as EPs go, Futurama might be some kind of record – no pun intended – given its eleven-song span. Yes, kids, eleven songs for your dosh. Not, as one is prone to remark, too shabby. At all.

Typical of the format, there is something old, something new and something blue. The new is represented by the first four tracks: ‘Futurama’, ‘Cold Hearted’, ‘Bad That’s Good In You’ and ‘Preying On My Mind’. Live versions of older tracks comprise the rest of the disc with the blue stunningly showcased in ‘Closer To Heaven’.

Eleven songs is impressive VFM by any criterion and, as always with FM, class, quality and taste abound.

FM – Futurama EP9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Futurama
  2. Cold Hearted
  3. Bad That’s Good In You
  4. Preying On My Mind
  5. Tough Love (Live)
  6. All Or Nothing (Live)
  7. Closer To Heaven (Live)
  8. Crosstown Train (Live)
  9. Story Of My Life (Live)
  10. Breathe Fire (Live)
  11. Cold Hearted (Extended Remix)