Floor Jansen – Paragon


After Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon, it is time for yet another Nightwish singer to go solo – their current vocalist Floor Jansen.

This is a highly anticipated release, however if Floor’s fans are preparing for a power/symphonic metal album in line with what Nightwish do, those expectations will need readjusting. Paragon is nothing like what the metal goddess has been doing with her band up until now. What she is presenting here is quite different, on the much softer side, perhaps not even rock at all. This work falls more under the popular music genre and showcases Floor’s vocal talent from a different angle.

This album is a beautiful piece of work and will appeal to fans of classically trained female vocals. Celine Dion comes to mind when listening to Jansen’s release, in terms of not only vocal capabilities, but also in terms of musical style. The songs are thoughtfully composed to appeal to a wider audience and to allow Floor to demonstrate her complete, rather impressive, vocal range. Each track has its own internal development and culmination, and is a pleasure to listen to.

The lyrics are inspirational and upbeat, calling for positiveness and strength, reminding us to follow our dreams and stay true to ourselves. It is interesting to observe this against Floor’s recent life experiences: the messages coming from this album are what you would expect from a cancer survivor, while the music was actually created before the diagnosis. It makes you wonder if this is Floor’s premonition of what was to come, giving her the strength and courage to carry on. It is amazing how she dealt with this huge challenge and upheaval in her life while remaining positive and undefeated. She is truly a warrior, and you cannot help but find comfort and inspiration in what she sings about: resilience, strength, self-improvement, and hope.

Most of the songs have the potential to become hits. The melodies are beautiful and the vocal performance is at top level. You will hear some upbeat tunes (‘Paragon’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Storm’), as well as some gentle ballads (‘Daydream’, ‘Hope’). There is also that Scandinavian vibe seeping through the fabric of the album, most noticeable in songs like ‘Hope’, and contemporary beats like the ones in ‘Me Without You’. You will also hear some powerful orchestrations (‘The Calm’, ‘Fire’) to remind you of what Floor is known for: blending classical instruments into modern music.

Track List:

  1. My Paragon

  2. Daydream

  3. Invincible

  4. Hope

  5. Come Full Circle

  6. Storm

  7. Me Without You

  8. The Calm

  9. Armoured Wings

  10. Fire


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