Feared – Furor Incarnatus


Review by Brady Deeprose

Brainchild of Swedish guitarist Ola Englund (of Six Feet Under fame), the third album by three-piece Feared’s Furor Incarnatus is definitely a noteworthy release. Opening with the aggressive ‘Live In You’, Furor Incarnatus has very promising beginnings. A blend of the aggressive side of Opeth and the technicality of The Faceless, the album is a homage to the melodic side of death metal. The guttural rasps of Mario Santos Ramos sit well over the accessible yet heavy riffs and what Feared do quite well is create dark music that doesn’t intimidate on first listen. While I’m sure they’ll be criticized by death metal purists, it’s undeniable that Furor… is in essence a decent album. They haven’t tried to be the fastest, most technical or heaviest but instead, focused on song-writing.

The groove sections on most of the tracks are catchy as hell but it’s the other melodic breaks that seem to lack imagination: I found myself singing along with guitar lines that I hadn’t even heard yet. I think Ola has been a little too over-indulgent but it’s hard to complain as he’s clearly a sublime guitarist, yet I think he could just push himself a bit more. I’d like to see a more progressive album from the band, maybe taking some influence from what The Faceless have created with Autotheism but most definitely not from Opeth’s Heritage.

Drummer Kevin Talley takes a backseat on the record, due in part to the guitar-heavy production. He’s playing some technically proficient beats but very little with flair, which is a shame. I think the band as a whole is limiting themselves a little with Furor Incarnatus although it’s still an album I’d recommend. Here’s to the future of death metal with bands such as Feared showing a very promising career ahead.

Feared - Furor Incarnatus6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Live In You
  2. Breathing Failure
  3. Psycho Logic
  4. Vintersol
  5. Possessed
  6. Satan
  7. Warbound
  8. Devil In White
  9. Neverlasting
  10. Impending Doom
  11. Forever Old
  12. End