Fauxchisels – The Shape Of Fauxchisels To Come EP


Review by Jason Guest

To say that Fauxchisels formed in September 2013 would be to imply that there was some coherence, some goal, some rationale behind it all. But no, these people need help. And if no one is going to help them, then we are going to need help. Somewhere in the Midlands are three, erm, “people” wandering the streets discreetly blending into the masses with neither care nor caution. Thinly disguised as “normal”, Fauxchisels walk amongst us, peering into our very being, syphoning off all of the folly and lethal desires contained within our fragile unconscious and fuelling our preconscious with their own perversions and distorted fantasies. Should you think you recognise any one of them, approach them at your peril,. The giftees they give are pleasantly corrupting. Don’t look them in the eyes. Just give them your money, take their musical gifts, and then calmly make your way to safety. You will be rewarded… if not in this life, then maybe in theirs. If hypnotic, trance-inducing beats, fuzzed-out, fucked-up melodies, lunatic lyrics that tell tales of lonely sexist psychos crying into their bed sheets, of bin-rummaging classists, of hospital passes, and of little red crawling things is the shape of things to come, then all is not well. It’s wrong. Just wrong!

Fauxchisels 20137.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Do You Got It?
  2. Thunderbugs In My Beard
  3. Fox-Kill-Rider
  4. Hospital Pass
  5. Little Red Crawling Things



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