Fathoms – Lives Lived




Review by Dan Perks

Artery Recordings

Release date: 2 March 2015

Brighton based post-hardcore/ hategroove mob Fathoms return with a slab of progressive tinged heaviness that will make you feel happy in your special place. Lives Lived wastes no time in launching its assault on your eardrums. Album opener “Hate resonates” is a short intro track that jumps straight in with raw vocals and groovy riffs. These riffs are complimented by chugging breakdowns and group chants, it these elements really gives Lives Lived its post-hardcore vibe.

This blend of hardcore-esque verses and progressive riffs carries on through Lives Lived. Tracks such as “Graveyards” and “Dilated Dreaming” exhibit both crushing heaviness and lucid melodies, blurring the lines between post hardcore and heavy metalcore. The up tempo riffs bound along over galloping drums while vocalist Max Campbell utilises his high dry screams to project a raw feeling to the lyrics.

There is definitely something here for fans of Heights, Architects and even Heart Of A Coward. The most notable reference to the latter being “Hell”, which opens with a thunderous staccato riff before erupting into a frantic barrage of grooves and angry, bile filled vocals. Of course what album would be complete without the obligatory mellower mid-album track, this comes in the form of “Inhale Exhale”. This track feels like it could almost be an Ed Sheeran song, that is until the lead guitar creeps in, smothered in reverb it begins to transform the song into a brooding maelstrom of clean vocals, emotions, tumbling drums and angst ridden vibes.

Lives Lived is an explosive example of what Fathoms are capable of, packed from the offset with riff after riff and tune after tune. The album is well written and well produced and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.

Fathoms 20158 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Hate Resonates
  2. Graveyards
  3. Deathwise
  4. Hell
  5. Dilated Dreaming
  6. Truant
  7. Inhale_Exhale
  8. Sleeping, Dreaming
  9. The Weight Of The World
  10. Spite
  11. Bloodlines