Boom! It’s been a while but Fatbwoi is back! He is back in the Midlands. He is booking up festivals and he has released his next album!

2019 saw a number of super successful collaborations on both sides of the ocean, with Alton Simpson in the US and local lad done good Omar Anthony. His Spotify streams continue to rise and rise and rise – one track has hurtled past 27k!

Fatbwoi is now back with his 8-track album “Always the Qu1et”, which shows off Fatbwoi’s distinct own styling. He is owning and truly deserving his strapline of “genre fluid trash troubadour”. Fatbwoi is always being accused of being a musician’s musician (is that such a bad thing?!), however at his latest gig, Fatbwoi was described by a fellow artist as a musical genius due to ability to create amazing and professional sounds on in impromptu basis.

The album starts with Emma (which will be the first single off the album to be released in April 2020), and from there you ride a rollercoaster of music delights from The Soulcalibur Song (old skool gamers delight), to an ode to our feline overlords. There are fat beats, heavy guitar riffs, vocal games and stories to tell. Its half an hour of your time that your ears and brain will thank you for. Think Beck, meets Eels, crossed with MSI, and some Eagles of Death Metal thrown in for good measure.

Due to Fatbwoi’s skill as a musician and producer he is able to recreate all this musical goodness live, so anyone who manages to catch him at one of his 2020 events will not be disappointed.

Next gigs before Easter:

Monday 6 April 2020 at The Stratford Alehouse, Stratford – www.thestratfordalehouse.com

Hear Always the Qu1et and the rest of Fatbwoi’s back catalogue

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