Fahran – Stay Alive (single)


Review by Harry Paterson

In case you didn’t know by now, Fahran is a new band the core of which comprises former Tox Feddies JR Windsor (drums), Alex Stroud (bass) and Jake Graham (guitar). Rounded out by new singer, Nick Whitcroft, and latest recruit, guitarist Chris Byrne.

This is the second single from Fahran and represents something of an exponential improvement on previous release, ‘Crude Design’. An entirely reasonable effort, to be fair, and a perfectly credible introduction to the new band, but somewhat lacking that killer chorus. A criticism that can’t be levelled at ‘Stay Alive’.

The new single is sharp, heavy and, with a big, big production, an altogether much more satisfying experience.

Byrne joined the band after this was recorded and so all guitars are the work of Jake Graham and as well as a killer tone and a flashy solo, the other obvious highlight is Windsor’s drums, which sound simply immense.

It’s a cracking song with a timeless quality which, while clearly drawing on classic rock roots, firmly places the song, and Fahran themselves, very much in the here and now.

Slick, polished and jammed full of rock, few will be disappointed with ‘Stay Alive’.

Rating 9/10