Exorcism – World In Sin


Heavy and meaty…

Review by Stephen Brophy

Dream Records

Release Date: 1st June 2015

Exorcism are back on a new label (Dream Records) with a new drummer (Mirkko DeMaio) and a new EP called World In Sin following on from last year’s excellent album release I Am God, and the five tracks on display are pretty much a follow on from that. As usual Csaba Zvekan’s vocals are stunning, very closely followed by the fretboard gymnastics, particularly on ‘Virtual Freedom’, but pretty much throughout the five songs on offer here.

If you like your metal honest and meaty then this is definitely for you, there is enough melody where it’s needed and enough strength and heaviness to keep anyone interested, at times when listening to Csaba’s voice comparisons with Jorn Lande could be drawn, not in sound necessarily, but in how to deliver a song and tell a story. This may be an EP to bridge a gap for Exorcism, but get a hold of it and familiarise yourself with the band, they are worth this effort and this is another fine piece of work.

The best track on the EP is ‘Black Day In Paradise’ which took a couple of listens, but once it sinks in it’s a terrific track, rich vocals winding through very textured layers of guitars, but it’s a close thing and it is quite possible that something from this collection will make it to the album that follows.

Exorcism – WorldInSin20158 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. World In Sin
  2. Black Day In Paradise
  3. Virtual Freedom
  4. Sahara
  5. Black Star