Ett Dödens Maskineri – Det Svenska Hatet


Although originating in the UK with bands like Discharge and Amebix there’s something about D-beat and Crust that resonates strongly with the Swedes. So much so they’ve made the genre their own and the latest in a long line of bands to emerge from Sweden’s glacial shores are Ett Dödens Maskineri. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Disfear and Totalitär, Ett Dödens Maskineri are about to unleash their politically-charged debut album Det Svenska Hatet, a 12-track manifesto that seems tailor made for these troubled times.

Det Svenska Hatet (“The Swedish Hatred”) doesn’t waste any time on pleasantries, and after the briefest of introductions, ‘Dödens Maskineri’ arrives with all fists flying. A sonic blast of rage that features a guest spot from The Radium Grrrls ensures the album gets of to the best possible start and sets the bar extremely high. A powerful rhythm section propels the band forth before a quieter mid-section adds a moment of respite, like sitting in the eye of a tornado, as the band regroup for another attack. ‘Leviatan’ begins in a similar fashion and evidences a sound that’s difficult to categorise: hardcore? punk? death? it’s all of these and more as the band put all their influences in a blender and the resulting brew is refreshingly original (and intoxicating).

As if emanating from inside a foundry ‘Slavar Under Marknadsekonomin’ is a pounding affair that sends sparks flying in every direction while the following ‘Arbete Ger Frihet’ is akin to standing in the slipstream of a jumbo jet. At once heavy and atmospheric Daniel Garpebring barks his words viscerally and the chunky chords that appear from his guitar juxtapose Aidin Razavi’s razor sharp guitar lines. Drummer Andreas Thunmarker hits the skins particularly hard on ‘Sveg’ yet it’s with a rhythm that renders ‘Sveg’ extremely memorable. Featuring input from Lastkaj 14’s Kapte ensures that ‘Trygghet & Tradition’ is suitably punky and flies by in 80 blistering seconds.

The callback vocals on ‘Röda Stugor Med Ruttnande Knutar’ are fired off in rapid succession and add a touch of menace and once they have their boot on the listener’s throat they’re not letting up. The title track is suitably weighty and swings with metronomic precision while the slightly unsettling ‘Låsta Dörrar’ sounds as if it was recorded in some dark netherworld. ‘Istid’ displays a lot of light and shade as it bounces from speaker to speaker like a hyperactive child as ‘Stad i ljus’ stomps all over the shop in the best tradition of kängpunk (‘bootpunk’). With a full-on production ‘Memento Mori’ is a humongous closer that drags itself along like a wounded animal and, with a touch of Ghost Bath, ends Det Svenska Hatet on a rather ominous tone.

Much respect to Ett Dödens Maskineri for singing in their native Swedish but I hope it won’t hinder them reaching a wider audience. By marrying politically charged lyrics to an incendiary sound the band have produced a ferocious album that marks Det Svenska Hatet one of 2020’s most timely and essential releases.

Track list:

  1. Dödens Maskineri
  2. Levitan
  3. Slavar Under Marknadsekonomin
  4. Arbete Ger Frihet
  5. Sveg
  6. Trygghet & Tradition
  7. Röda Stugor Med Ruttnande Knutar
  8. Det Svenska Hatet
  9. Låsta Dörrar
  10. Istid
  11. Stad i ljus
  12. Memento Mori