Eternal Fear – Killing Time


Straight up, head banging metal…

Independently released on 17 March 2017 and reviewed by Tony Gaskin

Sweden’s Eternal Fear might not be that country’s biggest musical export, but what they lack in international stardom they more than make up for it with consistently good heavy metal records and Killing Time – their fifth studio release – is no exception. More akin to the classic British style, their roots are set firmly in the Sabbath Dio years, with a bit of Priest and Maiden thrown in for good measure. No theatrical pouting from these guys, it’s straight up, head banging metal.

What helps Eternal Fear stand out is their ability to write cracking songs, and subtly change the mood with each track, the fore boding atmosphere that comes with opener ‘Thy Will be Done’ through to the rollicking good anthemic rouser that is ‘Halls of Odin’ The guys often cite Birmingham as their second home, and they have every right to claim a place as honorary Brummies with their continuing flag flying of Heavy Metal. A competent, well written and produced album that should sit well in any heavy metal fans collection

Eternal Fear – Killing Time8 out of 10

Track List:

  1. Thy Will Be Done
  2. Age Of Glory
  3. Black Country
  4. The Shadow
  5. Killing Time
  6. Halls Of Odin
  7. Child Of Darkness
  8. Evil Ways
  9. No Guts
  10. Chamber Of Lies