Empress – Deeper In Disguise (Single)


Review by Brady Deeprose


Reading’s Empress have come a long way having played their first gig a year last month to opening for Bring Me The Horizon on their UK tour. Just prior to hitting the road, they released a new video for single ‘Deeper In Disguise’ from their upcoming debut album.

The song itself is everything that makes Empress great: ridiculous heavy riffs, stunning atmospheric interludes, powerful emotional climaxes and an astoundingly high level of musicianship. When the main riff drops in just after the understated intro, you can tell this is a band that means business. The haunting, pensive tones of Ollie Loring contrast perfectly with his raw, emotional screams: this track exhibiting a balance of the two.

Empress – Deeper In Disguise (Single)From a production side of things, it’s really refreshing to hear a mix that isn’t neglecting either the drums (so eagerly battered by Edd Unwin), Tom Meadon’s calculated leads or Alex Loring’s brooding bass-lines. The track has enough separation to allow clarity for every instrument yet it still sounds like a tight band. As for the video, it’s a mix of dingy band shots and some odd reversed videos that complement the bands unique sound. Definitely some good signs from a band currently making waves in the progressive scene.

9 out of 10