Elements – Where We Once Begun


An incredibly strong start for a band with unquestionable potential…

Review by Debbie Gough


Release Date: 17 August 2015

Wasting no time to introduce some innovation into the alternative music industry are the Southampton lads, Elements, who simply overflow with everything that should jog your memory of a drunken summer (with fewer regrets) while they compact the most mesmeric of numbers in their new EP, Where We Once Begun. The EP produces a cocktail of guitar harmonies and banging bass-lines, which prove to be catchier than the clap, as the opening track, ‘Shaman’, proves by immediately rejecting the regurgitated crap that seems to be pop-punk lately and instead re-establishing a sound that can only be described as ‘bloody good’.

After scratching one’s cranium, stroking one’s chin and replaying ‘Plotting Treason or Saving The World’ a few times, it would appear that vocalist Graham Rogers has a weirdly unique voice that makes me question whether I’m in fact even living in Britain or Mars as his dialect is so foreign and enticing. Being from Birmingham, usually I would state that I could not imagine anything worse than a whole EP of an incredibly prominent accent within songs (can you imagine if Don Broco’s Rob Damiani was a Brummie?). However, the combination of talking and singing within Elements makes them strangely inviting rather than intolerable as a band, which is a new feeling for me.

Gravitating to a vague category somewhere in the black hole of sub-genres between rock and pop, Elements are definitely a band that you will remember with this confident and upbeat EP. Only let down by the occasional bit of poor mixing where some of the fret tapping is lost to the untrained ear, as the title implies, Where We Once Begun is an incredibly strong start for a band who have unquestionable potential.

Elements – WhereWeOnceBegun8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Shaman
  2. High Time for Being Free
  3. Plotting Treason Or Saving The World
  4. Make it Out Alive
  5. Torchlight