Eldorado – Antigravity Sound Machine

Review by Andy Boden

Not known for its hard rock heritage, Spain’s Eldorado look to break new ground with the release of the curiously titled Antigravity Sound Machine on November 5th. Achieving almost cult status in their native country following the release of their debut, Spanish language only release, En Busca De Eldorado and their English language follow up Golden, (the latter achieving Best Hard Rock/Metal Album of the Year at the American Independent Music Awards), Eldorado selected legendary producer Richard Chycki to work on their third offering. A lengthy wait ensued while Chycki finished work on the latest Rush album Clockwork Angels, giving Eldorado plenty of time to raise the funds to produce the album, helped in no small part by tours of their home land in support of Alter Bridge Thin Lizzy, as well as a  14-date tour of the US.

Antigravity Sound Machine kicks in with ‘Maybe Forever’ a fast paced, almost punky track that bounces along at a decent lick. What becomes evident after the opener is that Eldorado’s musical roots are firmly in the seventies. ‘Mr Saturn’, ‘Like A Lost Child’, ‘Another Bright Sunday’, ‘Background Radiation’ all have a distinctly Deep Purple feel to them, albeit with a lead singer who sounds, in places, remarkably like Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy). This alone prevents the album from descending into an exercise in retrospection.

Eldorado mix it up a little with ‘A Farewell To November’ and ‘Paranormal Circus’, both straight from the Ocean Colour Scene Book of Middle Of the Road Indie Pop…not unpleasant but certainly not game changers.

The album closes with ‘Lady Of the Mountain’, a much slower offering, gently building to its big guitar outro, and ‘Blue Jay Wings’, which slows it down even more to close out the album with more of a whimper than a roar.

The album held much promise, with much of the album cracking along at a decent pace and with a liberal smattering of big riffs and feel-good choruses. Where it failed for me was in closing out with two ballads, where a rip-snorter – perhaps ‘Space Mambo’ – may have been a more suitable way to sign off.

Rating 7 out of 10


Track Listing:

01 Maybe Forever
02 Mr Saturn
03 Like A Lost Child
04 Another Bright Sunday
05 Searching For A Light
06 A Farewell To November
07 Background Radiation
08 Space Mambo
09 Hassandra
10 Paranormal Circus
11 Lady Of The Mountain
12 Blue Jay Wings