East Of The Wall – Redaction Artifacts


Review by Raymond Westland

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East Of The Wall is an American “post everything”/progressive metal outfit hailing from Keyport, New York. These gents already have a couple of releases under their belt, including three length albums, of which The Apologist is their most recent one. The band has quite a reputation for instrumental prowess on their home turf, so let’s see how this has influenced East Of The Wall’s latest offering, entitled Redaction Artifacts.

Recently the band had to contend with a couple of lineup changes, which has left its traces on Redaction Artifacts. Compared to The Apologist the new album is somewhat more accessible, thanks to the increased use of clean vocals and a more song/jazzy orientated musical approach. Although there are still plenty of The Dillinger Escape Plan-esque outbursts to be found  the band opted to add some more Cynic/Intronaut-like jazzy/atmospheric pieces, adding a lot more depth and texture to the overall album. That’s a good thing, because it gives the listener more time to catch his/her breath and kind of reflect on what has happened on the record so far. Tracks like ‘The Fractal Canopy’, ‘Third Person Camera’ and ‘Noir Filter’ are good examples of this more refined approach.

Having that said, Redaction Artifacts is still far removed from anything remotely “mainstream”. Songs like ‘I’m Always Fighting Drago’, ‘Obfuscator Dye’ and ‘Arbiters Meet’ are just as demanding as any of the band’s previous works and can easily hold their own against any TDEP, Intronaut or older Mastodon material. The band has just found a better and more mature balance between their technical prowess and the fine art of songwriting. Another leap forward are the production values of Redaction Artifacts, courtesy of Eric Rachel, who has previously worked with God Forbid and Symphony X. He gave the album a crisp, yet dry sound, which gives the music the perfect sonic foundation.

Redaction Artifacts signals a massive step forward in East Of The Wall’s ongoing musical evolution. The band has managed to refine their songwriting skills, without sacrificing its trademark bite. Fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, Intronaut and Cynic listen and pay attention, because Redaction Artifacts by East Of The Wall may be your earcandy of the year.

East Of The Wall - Redaction Artifacts9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Solving The Correspondence Problem
  2. I’m Always Fighting Drago
  3. Obfuscator Dye
  4. The Fractal Canopy
  5. Arbiters Meet
  6. Third-Person Camera
  7. Excessive Convulsive
  8. The Methuselah Tree
  9. A Negligible Senescence
  10. Redaction Artifacts
  11. Noir Filter