Doyle – Abominator


Review by Phil Wilson

Monsterman Records

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, formerly a key component part of the Misfits, represents a stoutness of spirit which seems exclusive to metal music. He invokes an atmosphere in which the listener knows exactly what they’re going to get before they get it. This is nothing to belittle or chastise. With Abominator, the debut album from Doyle’s latest, self-titled endeavour, joined by fellow ex-fit Dr Chud, I expected nothing less than balls to the wall, relentless down-stroking from the big man. I wasn’t disappointed.

Opening title track, literally, explodes with a pretty painful scream from Cancerslug’s Alex Story, coupled with a riff that may gently stroke the hearts of any Megadeth fans out there – there’s a few, right? Mix in with this some lyrical content which longs to find itself on seminal ‘fits classic Famous Monsters and you have the album’s archetype style. However, if anybody is entitled to revel in this sound, it’s Chud and Doyle –  a right earned from their work as the style’s original propagators back in the early 90s. The record progresses via a slew of unforgiving frantic riffs holding up increasingly comically macabre lyricism: “Sex in the cemetery, all through the night/Making love among the dead is the only time that I feel alive”. It’s amusing in its delivery; it’s light yet ridiculously heavy; it’s what the current incarnation of the Misfits should sound at least something like. Jerry Only, please take note.

Inarguably, with metal music of this kind, it’s difficult to find novel peaks in a widely flattened genre: by the arrival of track eight, ‘Love Like Murder’, you’ve heard just about every pinch harmonic-punctuation mark that you could ever lust after. ‘Mark of The Beast’ showcases itself as the record’s stand-out-track apropos of a fairly successful shirk in the unbroken pace of the music. This marks a brief switch of styles into a much more doom laden affair, a stark display of duality insofar as Doyle’s capability to explore their own familiar sound, but their unfortunate reluctance to do so at any length.

Abominator is an entertaining listen. Aside from anything else, it goes some way in filling the fiend shaped gap in alternative music. It doesn’t quite stand up to creating something new – but sometimes we need reminding that that can be okay, and I’m glad that Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is back on the scene to tell me.

Doyle - Abominator7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Abominator
  2. Learn To Bleed
  3. Dreaming Dead Girls
  4. Headhunter
  5. Valley Of Shadows
  6. Land Of The Dead
  7. Cemeterysexxx
  8. Love Like Murder
  9. Mark Of The Beast
  10. Drawking Down The Moon
  11. Bloodstains
  12. Hope Hell Is Warm