Domovoyd – Oh Sensibility


Review by Raymond Westland

Svart Records

With the recent surge in popularity of Roadburn-styled doom/fuzz metal and all its avant-garde offspring and the ongoing trend of anything retro (read seventies hard rock) the music created by Finnish doom/psychedelic rock/metal outfit makes perfect sense in this day and age. Will Domovoyd’s latest musical outing, entitled Oh Sensibility, earn them a spot on the coveted Roadburn festival anytime soon?

Describing Domovoyd’s music as a deranged psychedelic musical mindfuck would be a rude thing to do, but it’s the best description I can come up with. How else would you describe thirteen-minute plus behemoths like ‘Effluvial Condenser’ and ‘Argenteum Astrum’? Both tracks are so stacked with psychedelic effects, fuzz and feedback that they make the most experimental tracks by the Beatles and Pink Floyd sound like innocent teenybop sugarcoated bubblegum pop. Even shorter tracks like ‘Incarnation’ and ‘Lamia’ are dense journeys into psychedelic netherworlds. There’s a lot going on and you can’t be helped but to get sucked into this musical headtrip.

However, does this make Oh Sensibility a good album when you’re a more casual listener like yours truly? True connoisseurs of anything doom, shoegaze, psychedelic and trippy music will probably heartily disagree, but I’m afraid the answer is no. My main beef with the album is the general lack of structure. Although the massive guitar walls are impressive and the retro production gives the music the right feel and atmosphere, most of the tracks tend to aimlessly drone into sheer nothingness. Perhaps the journey itself is more important than its actual destination, but I feel the impact of aforementioned tracks like ‘Argenteum Astrum’ and ‘Lamia’ would have been way bigger if the compositions were actual songs instead of drawn-out psychedelic jams.

Oh Sensibility by Domovoyd has Roadburner written all over it, but despite its good intentions it really fails to make a real impression on me. The album is simply too incoherent and music itself desperately needs a sense of structure if the band really wants to make it past the usual (stoner) suspects. Making a deranged psychedelic mindfuck is one thing, but making it stick is quite something else…

Domovoyd – Oh Sensibility5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Incarnation
  3. Lamia
  4. By Taking A Breath
  5. Effluvial Condenser
  6. Argenteum Astrum