Disfigurement – Soul Rot


Review by Paul Castles

Boris Records

I waded through a bucketload of maggot-infested death metal on behalf of Midlands Rocks last year… and it was an absolute pleasure to fester in the filth. It’s only right then that my first contribution to the putrid pot for 2014 comes in the twisted form of Atlanta agitators Disfigurement and their five-track debut release Soul Rot.

Launching into opener ‘Noxious Sensation’ this mighty metallic chunk of destruction will almost certainly have a far better chance of clearing your New Year hangover than anything to be found over a pharmacists’ counter. Disfigurement, as their very name suggests, don’t really do pleasantries. What they can be relied on for though is a crushingly creative onslaught of pedal to the metal thrash happy mayhem held in place by a great guttural roar from frontman Nate Godbee. This five-piece were voted ‘Best Metal Band in Atlanta’ last year but judged on this headbanging gem their narcissist net deserves to be spread well beyond the boundaries of their hometown.

Second track ‘Solitude’ is broken up midway with some rampaging riff wizardry while Vaedis maintains a fire-charged rhythmic frenzy from his drum stool. The EP’s title track includes a floor opening breakdown quickly followed up by a whining guitar solo. Towards the end it grinds itself into a fearsome funeral march that chugs along menacingly for the final minute. Final track ‘Foul Light’ ignites with a spiraling riff that immediately hooks you before the five-man Georgian gorehounds unleash yet more savage slabs of venom.

Technically, Disfigurement have plenty to commend. Although the sound is old school death metal they’re not afraid to occasionally stray from the path with several guitar solos among the creative carnage. Morbid Angel and Carcass are pretty sound reference points here. Disfigurement has already shared a stage with the likes of Nile, Kreator and Deicide and would be welcome over this side of the pond any time.

Disfigurement - Soul Rot7 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Noxious Sensation
  2. Solitude
  3. Soul Rot
  4. Entrance to Emptiness
  5. Foul Light