Dimesland – Creepmoon


Review by Jason Guest

Though Dimesland claim to be from Oakland, California, I suspect that the music takes its inspiration from, shall we say, “somewhere else” because the six tracks that make up Creepmoon weren’t composed by a collective of “normal” minds, oh no. The ambient sounds and dark textures, the technical riffs that manically leap across the borders between progressive and avant-garde and all-else-in-between metal, the time signature and feel changes that trip each other up before they can take hold, and the sheer level of accomplishment suggest that Dimesland are spoken to by voices from somewhere other than this mundane plane of existence. This is more like the kind of experiment that those claiming to return from a probing aboard an interstellar spacecraft have undergone and remains on the periphery of their memory. Creepmoon’s musical bounds have been probed and prodded and warped and mashed out of shape and remoulded into musical gold.

‘Trophy Wives Under The Influence’ (what a great title!) combines frantic riffs and drums with Fantomas-style staccato vocals (but with lyrics) in an unorthodox structure that rapidly leaps from one style into another. ‘Architect’ follows a more conventional structure but still froths with dynamic lunacy. ‘Revlev’s riffs squeal their way through the chaotic and tumbling landscape. ‘Degradation Suite’ is an atmospheric piece laced with effect-laden, reverberating sounds straight out of The Twilight Zone. ‘Ghastly Maneuvering’ (another great title) brings more maniacal riffs and feel changes before evaporating into a dense ambience that ominously hovers over the deep timbres that deliver us into the final track, ‘Burnt Orange’, the balance shifting between raging riffs and percussive blasts of sonic abuse. Welcome to Creepmoon, a planet perpetually on the verge of collective psychological collapse. At seventeen minutes, this leaves you wanting more. However, I’m not so sure that such exposure to this kind of depraved musical exploration would be anything less than completely harmful. Bring it on!

8 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Trophy Wives Under The Influence
  2. Architect
  3. Revlev
  4. Degradation Suite
  5. Ghastly Maneuvering
  6. Burnt Orange