Diamond Lil – Misfits of Society EP

Review by Paul H Birch

Swinging then rumbling with a hard-nosed metallic sneer, Bottom of a Glass wets your thirst for more on this Diamond Lil’s debut EP.

And so, Sex Injuries struts playfully; Misfits of Society is down-tuned boogie with a guitar solo that slithers across your stereo; while the epic ballad of Beautiful Nowhere is Tracy Chapman fronting Free: And I dare anyone to not see that comparison as favourable!

This is a strong muscular but fluid band, with a singer who can hold a tune and also throws in a modern R & B patois vibe to accentuate his phraseology.

The influences of contemporary rock acts like Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown are apparent but you’ll note that all of those bands are still rooted in the fundamentals of what’s now called classic rock, thus with the wah-wah pedal frenzy of Reach and full-on-charge of Barrymore (I Want More) Diamond Lil plough the same culturally-rich musical landscape that Sabbath and Zeppelin once strode.

Young boys should be seen and not heard. Unless they have a six string wrapped round their neck and declare that they are sons of the Midlands, the birthplace of all that rocks.

8 out of 10

diamond lilwww.youtube.com/DiamondLilOfficial

Track listing:

  1. Bottom of a Glass
  2. Sex Injuries
  3. Misfits of Society
  4. Beautiful Nowhere
  5. Reach
  6. Barrymore (I Want More)