Diamond Head – Diamond Head


Are they still relevant?

Given head by Martin Stanyer

Release Date: 11th March

Diamond Head often credited as the band that Metallica made famous, I would disagree and say that it was Diamond Head that made Metallica famous, cited as one of their main influences and covered numerous times including the classic Am I Evil.

The band have produced a new self-titled album Diamond Head and it’s a slab of good hardened rock. This is the first album of material in eight years. Album opener is ‘Bones’ and Mr Tatler has done a great job and does not disappoint. A fantastic introduction, and riffs that are reminiscent of Megadeth before those sublime vocals kick in, the chorus sees Rasmus Bom Andersen ripping up the lyrics “on the edge of your bones” like he actually may tear the skin from your bones. This is as awesome and rocking as it gets.

‘Shout at the Devil’ not to be confused with the Motley Crue song of the same name is also as roaring and ready to go as the album opener. The melody is there ‘crimson tears and scattered ashes’ has to be one of the most awesome lyrics on the album. Mr Tatler certainly knows how to shred on his guitar, but is respectful to the song, allowing room for all the band to shine, if you like rock fast paced then this is the album to drive too.

‘Set my soul on fire’ a far heavier approach for this band, is this a kick at staying relevant or a good festival song? It certainly would get the crowd going, dark and brooding, a very moody approach, I get the vibe Black Sabbath could do a great take on this, a good song but after the fast intro Its slows down and gets me thinking it may be placed a little too early on the track listing.

‘See You Rise’ sees the acoustic guitars out, this is by no means a gentle groove, this is a return to form, and far more exciting, wham bam thank you mam, far superior to anything I have heard on the album so far, it’s a number that bleeds rock n roll, you can tell that there is a desire to say ‘hey this is us and regardless of your opinion we are here to rock’. Superb track and belting performance by all of Diamond Head.

‘All The Reasons You Live’ the title alone was intriguing, the string arrangement and guitars build up in harmony, before a good solid riff and vocal lead the song into a stadium worthy song, this is an album that I feel only grows stronger with each song. A brilliant chorus, Diamond Head are making sure that they see off any competition. This is Rasmus Bom Andersen’s most superior vocal performance. The guitar solo is a genius piece of work alone.

‘Our Time is Now’ great bluesy guitar riff before a driven and punchy bass line by Eddie Moohan, quite clearly demonstrates how tight the band is, weaving in and out of each other’s musical pockets. This song shows the band have progressed and not stayed in a rut.

‘Speed’ is a very standard track nothing new, but as far as rock songs go its ok. ‘Blood On My Hands’ is far more superior from its introduction to its end, a brooding dark song, the vocals remind me of Dave Mustaine and Sebastian Bach, it’s a great track, creepy in places , and in others very epic. This songs demonstrates that desire to be seen as a band that can match their peers.

Album closer ‘Silence’ brings me to a sad end as this has been a most enjoyable album, an eastern feel kicks this track in slowly, atmosphere is being created and you can tell the thought has been put in around this album. The use of strings almost Kashmir like is killer. And then that vocal line hits, soaring through the instruments perfectly. This is what most bands would strive to write but never can achieve… perfection in one song. As a closer it’s perfect but also a great way to bring in a new chapter of Diamond Head.

When hearing I would be reviewing Diamond Head, a million questions popped through my mind… the main being are they still relevant? The answer is quite simply YES.

DiamondHead20168 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Bones
  2. Shout At The Devil
  3. Set My Soul On Fire
  4. See You Rise
  5. All The Reasons You Live
  6. Wizard Sleeve
  7. Our Time Is Now
  8. Speed
  9. Blood On My Hands
  10. Diamonds
  11. Silence