Dex Romweber – Good Thing Goin’


From the terminally cool Propeller Sound Recordings comes their latest discovery, the wonderfully eclectic Dex Romweber. Taking the listener on a journey that encompasses everything from delicious pop to raucous rockabilly, his latest album, Good Thing Goin’ takes all of these disparate styles, swirls them in a blender, then reassembles them for your delight and delectation.

This album reveals the depth and breadth of Dex Romweber’s musical knowledge, but not in an arrogant way or as a means of showboating, it is more of a homage to his influences, and it is one of those inspirations that opens the album, and in spectacular fashion, too. ‘A Good Thing Going’ was originally written and recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck, but Dex takes this most quintessentially English song (by the most quintessentially singer) and puts a decidedly TexMex spin on it, and it works rather well. It is the kind of decision that could soar like an eagle, or fall flat on its face, and I’m pleased to report Dex’s version sits in the former category. ‘A Good Thing Going’ becomes a carnival for the ears, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. With a sense of the theatrical, another cover follows in the shape of ‘If You Love Me’ and Dex hams it up to the max, but it is all done in the right spirit, and his grandiose rendering presents a classic tune in a whole new light.

It is a brave move to begin an album with two cover versions, there’s always a danger that they could overshadow the rest of the record, yet Dex shows his own songsmithery is equal to anything he covers. If they had a house band in Hades, then I imagine they’d sound a lot like ‘I’m Going Down’, while if Eddie Cochran had been born in 1980, then his style of rock n’ roll wouldn’t sound too unlike the parred back aesthetic of ‘Comin’ Home’. Good Thing Goin’ is an album that’s a chameleon, it tries on different sets of musical clothing, it is constantly shifting gears, sometimes jarringly so, yet it flows exceptionally well. Finding strength in diversity, this record constantly throws up surprise after surprise and here’s the rub; it’ll continue amazing you on successive spins as subtle nuances and in-jokes slowly bubble to the surface.

Bringing things full circle, a cover of Keampfert’s ‘I Found Love’ makes for an immense closer, which is exactly where Dex came in. It’s with a feeling of sadness when this disc stops spinning, but don’t worry; you’ll be hitting ‘play’ again (and again).

  • Good Thing Goin’ is released via Propeller Sound Recordings and is available now (from here).
  • Official Website

Track List:

  1. A good Thing Going
  2. If You Love Me
  3. Going Down
  4. Comin’ Home
  5. Andrieux Boogie
  6. For All We Know
  7. Shape Of Things To Come
  8. Twine Time
  9. Tell Laura I Love Her
  10. Saturday Morning
  11. Sally
  12. I Found My Love