Dew-Scented – Insurgent


Review by Michael Dodd

Metal Blade

For two decades veteran German thrashers Dew-Scented have been a group that is perhaps unfairly below the radar compared to fellow Teutonic behemoths like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. Though their following is not as sizeable, their output has been consistently well-received, their 2010 album Invocation in particular garnering significant critical praise. This twentieth anniversary compilation is something of a “best of”, with live versions of songs from each of their previous nine studio albums taken from a concert last year, as well as a collection of covers recorded during the sessions for Invocation and last year’s album Icarus. Additionally, there are three brand new numbers that provide a tantalizing taste of works that may lie ahead.

The music is characteristically aggressive and frenetic throughout, but does have a tendency to run together a little, with certain tracks being fairly indistinguishable from others. That being said, of the three new songs ‘Guided by the Dead Light’ is a definite highlight whose opening is replete with classic thrash elements before developing into a song of pounding death metal ambiance. The seven live tracks demonstrate the spectacular energy that the quintet brings to the stage, and ‘Soul Poison’ is the real standout here, with outstanding guitar work and forceful but never overpowering drumming.

The remaining tracks are taken from the recording sessions for the last two albums and are predominantly covers of thrash and hardcore bands. Among the more noteworthy efforts is a take on ‘No Spiritual Surrender’ by Inside Out, a band formerly fronted by Rage Against the Machine vocalist Zack de la Rocha. Much heavier than the original, the contrast between Leif Jensen’s version of the lyrics and de la Rocha’s is quite stark. A cover of Wasted Youth’s ‘Good Day for a Hanging’ also packs a real punch, it’s a song with excellent pace and a rhythm that just makes you bang your head. Three original tracks make up the rest of the album session material, ‘In Dying Mode’, ‘Recall the Pain’ and ‘The Death of Common Sense’. ‘In Dying Mode’ is by far Jensen’s strongest performance on this album, his vocals really are a wonder on this one.

If you are completely new to Dew-Scented then at times it feels like the music is a little repetitive, for the band have a certain sound and they stick with it in each song. If you have never heard a Dew-Scented record before, then this serves as a fairly decent introduction, although perhaps Invocation would be a better starting point.  That being said this is definitely worth a listen if you like your music fast and full of fury.

Dew Scented - Insurgent6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Confronting Entropy
  2. Guided by the Dead Light
  3. Sadistic Sinner
  4. Sworn to Obey (Live)
  5. Turn to Ash (Live)
  6. Soul Poison (Live)
  7. Storm Within (Live)
  8. Cities of the Dead (Live)
  9. Never to Return (Live)
  10. Acts of Rage (Live)
  11. In Dying Mode
  12. Steady Decline (Prong Cover)
  13. No Spiritual Surrender (Inside Out Cover)
  14. Good Day for a Hanging (Wasted Youth Cover)
  15. The Storm (Judge Cover)
  16. Recall the Pain
  17. The Death of Common Sense
  18. Slaughterhouse (Powermad Cover)
  19. Superstar Destroyer (Genocide Superstars Cover)