Desaster – The Arts Of Destruction


Review by Jason Guest

From the ominous sounds of battle of the intro to the chilling solitary acoustic-work, stirring guitar melody, and pounding drums of the outro, The Arts Of Destruction is a nasty and vicious slab of blackened thrash metal that is as unhinged as it is pulverizing. Having been lurking in the underground since 1988, Germany’s Desaster are back with their seventh full length and first since 2007’s Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate, an album that itself was magnificent.

The production is fantastic and the mix perfectly balanced, each instrument given enough clarity so that every riff, every drum beat, and every venomous vocal line is as sharp as they are raw. The low end is compounded by a crushing bass tone and an almighty drum sound. Infernal’s guitar sound is huge, his rhythm tone brutal, his lead tone slicing through the malicious mix to complement Sataniac’s lethal lines and manical laughter. There is nothing here that isn’t rabid, rapid, or just plain ferocious. The title track is a hellish onslaught of crushing riffs and galloping rhythms, a brutal musical image of war. The pounding thunders through into the furiously paced ‘Lacerate’ and for the rest of the album, the barbarity never lets up. The mix of black and thrash metal, though not distinctly original, is one of lunatic enthusiasm and blast after blast of destructive hymns delivered with psychopathic glee. Melodic and catchy are probably not what’s usually associated with blackened thrash, but Desaster are masters of it. The Arts Of Destruction isn’t pretty, it isn’t clever, but fuck me, is it big! With Desaster releasing such quality albums, it’s difficult to see how they’re going to better this.

8 out of 10

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  1. Intro
  2. The Arts Of Destruction
  3. Lacerate
  4. Splendour Of The Idols
  5. Phantom Funeral
  6. Queens Of Sodomy
  7. At Hell’s Horizon
  8. Troops Of Heathens – Graves Of Saints
  9. Possessed And Defiled
  10. Beyond Your Grace
  11. Outro