Desalmado – Desalmado


Review by Jason Guest

Dishing out grindcore since 2004, Desalmado went under the moniker of El Fuego until the release of their 2006 album gave them their name. Translating to mean cruel or heartless, Desalmado is a more than apt handle given their penchant for grindcore. First recorded and released in 2008, Desalmado’s Hereditas EP last year saw Florida’s Greyhaze Records re-releasing it and giving the band more exposure on the world’s underground stage. Combining grindcore with the regular bedfellows of thrash and death metal, Desalmado’s war against political and societal injustice draws from the same clogged culvert as the abhorrent breed that consists of the likes of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Brujeria, et al. And so, in 2012 Desalmado have returned with their second full length – again released through Greyhaze – an album that delivers more of the uncompromising brutality that Hereditas promised. First recorded in 2010, the files were lost just as the band got to the mixing stage and then one year later, ex-Sepultura drummer Jean Dolabella offered to re-record the whole album in his own studio. Without his help it may have been another few years before this finally appeared, and though it would have been worth the wait, it’s definitely for the better that we can get our filthy paws on it sooner rather than (even) later.

The savage sounds of  Hereditas are still here but they are more pronounced, accentuated even, with punk attitude and even heavier influences. Desalmado rarely deviate too far from the well-beaten-and-dementedly-damaged path of grindcore but they throw in plenty of grooves to keep their raw, organic, and crushing sounds fiercely potent. Great and grating, brief and bitter, all fifteen tracks are pure, undiluted abrasion. Dolabella’s production is impeccable, each instrument getting as much presence in the mix as they need to convey the full weight of the tracks. An instrument that could so easily get lost amid the relentless salvos, Bruno Teixeira’s bass seethes its fury in the bottom end like a ferocious beast growling its revulsion and disdain from the depths of despair itself. Estevam Romera’s riffs are rough, ragged, harsh and jagged, and his tone dense and corrosive. Ricardo Nutzmann’s drumming, as precise and unremitting as you’d expect, is coloured with patterns and fills that embellish and enhance the tracks, reinforcing each bulwark of barbarity instead of flooding them with unnecessary displays of technical ability. With such a balanced – and unhinged! – band behind him, Caio Augusttus’s vocal chords have been putting in the hours, his ripped and torn rabid rants are vicious. Some may see his decision to sing in Portuguese as detrimental to the band’s possibilities of gaining a wider audience but there are many an extreme metal band that work very well within their native tongue and still maintain a high international profile. And besides, Desalmado are fucking pissed and like a jackhammer to the gut, you can fucking feel it!

8 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1.  Sem Nome
  2. Canibal Social
  3. Delirio
  4. Cegueira Santa
  5. Todos Vao Morrer
  6. Juizo Dos Fracos
  7. Sofrer. Morrer e Apodrecer
  8. Odio Insitntivo Contra a Realidade
  9. Falso Profeta
  10. Herege
  11. Ceifador
  12. Penitencia e Subversao
  13. Suicido Assistido
  14. Anticristo
  15. Cozido Para Animais