Deiphago – Satan Alpha Omega


Review by Jason Guest

Hells Headbangers

Release date: 14 August 2012

Picture a demented lunatic in a clown costume, his blood-caked face contorted from maniacal laughter; in one hand a wooden crucifix, age-beaten and splintered, in the other hangs the head of a sacrificial goat, blood dripping from what remains of the spine. Just like that clown, Deiphago’s “Chaotic Satanic Metal” will tear you to bits. A miasma of tumultuous noise and raw riffs, Satan Alpha Omega must have been created in a void from which subtlety and sense were rapidly rejected. After the first listen, what’s left behind is bewilderment. Drums thud and shatter, cymbals crash and clatter, a leather-clad demon barks and vomits nails, and a wall of abominable fire rains down. But the wash of whatever the hell it was demands another listen, and then another, and then another, and… well, you get the picture. Or at least you will after a while and something almost recognisable as a shape emerges from the pandemonium.

Deiphago don’t play their instruments; they bash the shit out of them until something, anything collapses battered, bruised and broken, into a heap before them. Aggressive, intimidating, harsh, repulsive and utterly unlikeable, the eight-minute ambient piece that closes the album will come as a welcome relief to those that have suffered so long – well, thirty minutes anyway – at Deiphago’s filthy cracked hands. With better production than their last full-length, 2009’s Filipino Antichrist, ruthless, relentless, merciless, Satan Alpha Omega is most definitely not for the faint of heart. This makes much of extreme metal’s most extreme look tame by comparison…

7.5 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Intro: Extermination
  2. Human Race Absolute End
  3. Heretic Oath
  4. Plague And Satan Triumphant
  5. Exalted Hate
  6. Satan Mongers
  7. Atrocities Absurdities
  8. Crucifixation
  9. Demonic Munitions
  10. Satan Alpha Omega
  11. Outro



  1. Nice review Jason.
    Deiphago, Shadowsphere, Ophidian, I must have led a sheltered life.
    One of these days . . .


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