Defy All Reason – Every Second Counts EP


Review by Ian Savage

A four-piece from Wrexham with definite trans-Atlantic influences, Defy All Reason have been a going concern since 2011, and have recently put out this debut EP supported by a pretty heavy touring schedule. Nailing their colours to the mast early, opener ‘Shake It’ calls to mind Nickelback’s ‘Burn It To The Ground’ with the verse’s ‘riff-lyric-riff-lyric’ structure, and sadly compares unfavourably; it’s bizarrely probably the weakest track on the EP. Second tune ‘Behind Those Eyes’ can be forgiven its slightly hackneyed power-ballad chord progression for its impassioned vocals and a barnstorming solo, with some interesting timing twists in the last chorus.

More down-tempo introspection follows courtesy of ‘Coming Home’, with the requisite chorus-effected clean electric guitars cruising into a rousing hookline – as well as the expected Shinedown/Black Stone Cherry/3 Doors Down back catalogues I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find some Lynard Skynard and Kid Rock offerings nestling in D.A.R’s collective record shelves.

Defy All Reason - Every Second Counts EP

The closing track kicks the riffage, gravelly vocals and meaty wah-inflected lead breaks back in and provides a strong sprint for the finish – a promising debut from a band clearly confident in what they do, and who will be well worth catching on the road.

7 out of 10

Track listing: 

  1. Shake It
  2. Behind Those Eyes
  3. Coming Home
  4. Blame It On The Luck and Rock ‘n’ Roll