Death Metal Roundup: Zombiefication + Imprecation + Entrails + Tormented + Septekh


Reviews by Paul Castles

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it, crawling through the sewers in pursuit of the obscene and the outrageous. Paul Castles sets off in search of yet more extreme sounds from all points of the compass, stumbling upon…

  • Zombiefication – At the Caves of Eternal
  • Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita
  • Entrails – Raging Death
  • Tormented – Death Awaits
  • Septekh – Apollonian Eyes


Zombiefication – At the Caves of Eternal

Pulverized Records

Zombiefication are quite possibly not the kind of fellas a mother wants to be introduced to by her teenage daughter. The Mexican duo inhabit the mad murky world of the decaying, diseased and the dead. They translate that into some hammering death metal although with elements of both thrash and doom there’s really something at this maggot infested feast for everyone to gorge themselves on. The opening title track is a remorseless sludge through the swamplands, steady in tempo but with a menacing edge to it that prevails throughout. Vocally the style varies from outright flesh-crawling death metal to a more restrained aggressive style such as on ‘Soul Collector’. Tracks such as ‘The Crypt’ just bounce off the walls packed with energy and anger. If you thought you knew all about frothing flesh-eaters through watching episodes of The Walking Dead then tune into Zombiefication and see how the big boys do it.

Zombiefication-At-the-Caves-of-Eternal7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. At the Caves of Eternal
  2. Disembodied Souls
  3. Soul Collector
  4. In the Mist
  5. Passage of Darkness
  6. In the Gallery of Laments
  7. The Crypt
  8. In the Shadowed Garden
  9. Slaves Whisper Your Name


Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita

Dark Descent Records

Texas titans Imprecation have been surviving in the pungent pipes of the US death metal scene for more than two decades although they’ve not been active throughout the whole of that time. Having squeezed out a few EPs in the early 90s there followed a lengthy career break and various line-up changes before emerging from the craggy depths with an EP in 2009 and then this Latin tongue-twister. Satanae Tenebris Infinita – which in case you fell behind in your Latin Studies class translates as The Infinite Darkness of Satan – is Imprecation’s long overdue full length debut but fortunately it’s one well worth waiting for.

It strikes just the right balance between balls out speed and a grimier more evil approach, as on bible bashing ‘From Beyond The Fiery Temples’ and ‘Chapel of Rotting Flesh’.  Electronic keyboards are used sporadically, such as on the dark decaying intro of ‘The Coils of Eden’, but only to heighten the tension and atmosphere; certainly not to lessen the abrasive edge. Dave Herrera has a growl that would make Lucifer jump. These veteran Satanic skullcrushers know their art and now want to expand it and enjoy it. They may have some ground to make up on acts such as Dying Fetus and Immolation but these Houston hard-hitters are definitely in the mood to catch up with some unfinished business.

Imprecation8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Blood Dominion
  2. From Beyond The Fiery Temples
  3. Hosanna Ex Inferis
  4. Angel of Salvation’s Doom
  5. The Coils of Eden
  6. Chapel of Rotting Flesh
  7. Rancid Blood on Blackened Thorns
  8. Of The Black Earth
  9. Carrion Winds of Golgotha


Entrails – Raging Death

Metal Blade Records

It’s fair to say that when confronted by an album called Raging Death you’ve got a fair idea what’s heading your way. The latest release from Entrails does exactly what it says on the tin, hitting you with juggernaut force. The opening sequence immediately sets the juices flowing and what follows is a no-holds-barred neck-crunching blast of brutal death metal from the constantly bubbling Scandinavian pot of fire and fury that refuses to turn down the heat.

Entrails engage in death metal in its purest, most savage, splatter-caked form with Jocke Svensson’s barbarous vocals resting upon tsunami –sized riffs that sweep you off your feet. Axe agitators Jimmy Lundqvist and Mathias Nilsson are the driving force powering these savage Swedes, unleashing a succession of heroic harmonies. With tracks such as ‘Carved to the Bone’ and Bloodhammer’ Entrails certainly live up to their name, delivering enough guts and gore to satisfy the most fiendish of appetites.

Entrails7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. In Pieces
  2. Carved To The Bone
  3. Blood Hammer
  4. Headless Dawn
  5. Cadaverous Stench
  6. Descend To The Beyond
  7. Death League
  8. Chained And Dragged
  9. Defleshed
  10. Cemetery Horrors


Tormented – Death Awaits

Listenable Records

Death Awaits is the second album from Swedish death metal twisted torturers Tormented, following on from the 2009 debut Rotten Death. The opening title track and ‘Blood Orgy’ possibly veer towards more thrash than death metal. Vocalist Dread has a cleaner, more aggressive vocal style than the current trend for death metal growls from the bottom of the earth. The drums are beaten to within an inch of death but are not as deep or pounding as some of their Scandinavian cousins, and overall the sound is frantic rather than frosty. Stand out track ‘To Spill Her Blood’ is a much more sustained number, building steadily throughout with a thumping riff through its rotten core. Tormented are serving up old skool death dripping with gore and guts although whether it sustains enough depth to merit repeated listens is down to individual tastes. Ultimately for me it was more monotonous than monstrous but still great ghoulish fun.

Tormented6 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Death Awaits
  2. Blood Orgy
  3. I.O.T.D
  4. Insane with Dread
  5. To Spill her Blood
  6. Funeral Fire
  7. Into the Crypts of Death
  8. Black Sky
  9. In the Presence of Death


Septekh – Apollonian Eyes

Abyss Records

Apollonian Eyes is a thumping four-track EP from Swedish thrashers Septekh. The opening title track is a ram-raid rampage taking the corners at such speed that you fear the whole thing’s going to topple over. This quartet has more to their bag than just fast and furious though as the following ‘Burn it to the Ground’ graphically shows us. From the opening bark of “Wake up and burn it down”, this is a vibrant riff heavy number with a great fists pumping the air chorus of ‘we burn it to the ground’. Septekh have a reputation for the unconventional so expect something a little different should they get to the UK for some live dates. Final track ‘Vlad Tepes’ is the pick of the four with a real menacing rumble throughout running in tandem with a gyrating guitar break that carries more sting than a sunbaked scorpion. Their debut full length album is one to look forward to. Prepare to get your skin turned Septekh.

Septekh - Apollonian Eyes6 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Apollonian Eyes
  2. Burn it to the Ground
  3. Cursing the Skies
  4. Vlad Tepes